Chengdu High-tech Zone relying on the province and city special inspection power to build a "double festival" safety line

Safety inspection of special equipment before the festival of Chengdu high-tech. High-tech Zone Market Supervision Bureau is a map of the People’s Network September 29 (Wang Jun) to see the status, Chechny protection record, measure run data, risking risk hazard … National Day, Mid-Autumn Festival "double festival" is coming, Chengdu High-tech Zone The Market Supervision Bureau jointly established the Sichuan Special Equipment Inspection Institute, Chengdu Special Equipment Inspection Institute, Guiuxi Sub-district Office and other units to the Global Center of the New Century, carry out the safety inspection of special equipment before the holiday. It is understood that the Global Center is currently one of the largest monomer buildings in Asia and is one of the popular attractions during Chengdu "Double Festival".

Its number of special equipment is large, has a wide range, wide distribution, 448 elevators, 5 boilers, 5 pressure vessels, 12 sightseeing vehicles.

In this inspection, provincial and city special examination experts focused on 7 large-scale amusement facilities in the Ocean Park of Global Center, 3 elevators of the energy center, and 2 airfares in the shopping malls, and 2 vehicles. The on-site spot check test is conducted on the operation status, inspection information, and the daily management of the equipment body, and the operation personnel shall be carried out to ensure that the safety of special equipment is always in a controlled state. Inspection site, the High-tech Market Supervision Bureau requested the use of the unit to strictly implement the safety subject responsibility and safety management system, strengthen the equipment maintenance and safety inspections during the "double festival" period, improve safety emergency awareness and safety rescue capabilities, and create a peace of mind for the general public. Rest assured, comfortable holiday consumption environment.

"Special equipment security is related to the health and safety of the masses, and it is related to the economic and social stability.

"The relevant person in charge of the High-tech Zone Market Supervision Bureau said that the bureau will take the highly responsible attitude towards the people, relying on the provincial and city’s special inspection technology forces to strictly control the safety, and continue to carry out special equipment hidden dangers investigation and supervision. Sampling action, enhance the safety management capacity and guarantee level of special equipment in the whole district, and build a safety line for high quality development in high-tech zones.

(Editor: Zhang Hua Wei, Luo Wei).