This night,Wang Youcai hardly sleeps。He pricked his ears and listened to the door,For fear of hearing someone knock on the door。It’s not light the next day,He and Tian Wa went to Yao Chunni’s house。

When Li Lanxiang heard that Wang Youcai had found her a dishwashing job in the city,A few hundred yuan a month。She’s happy,Stay at home anyway,She looked upset when Wang Youcai and Yao Chunni were stuck together,It’s better to be out of sight and out of mind。
Li Lanxiang packed a few clothes very refreshingly,So he followed Tian Wa。Hear someone speak,Yao Chunni opened the door and walked out。
This woman was born to a child,More round and hydrated than before。If you work hard on clothing,With her present appearance,Absolutely no one believes,She lives in the deep mountains,Thought she was a city woman。
Yao Chunni tucked the hair scattered on her forehead with her fingers,I asked Wang Youcai with a long yawn:“What happened?Where did you take the old monster?“
Between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law in the world,It seems that few can pee into a pot。Yao Chunni is respectful to Li Lanxiang on the surface,But I agree to hate her,Discuss her。
Wang Youcai didn’t say anything,But closed the big wooden door gently,Then plugged in,Then I walked to Yao Chunni’s side,Lowered his voice and said:“I got her a job washing dishes in the city,Otherwise we will be too distracting“
“Don’t come back for the rest of your life,I’m afraid she won’t work long“Yao Chunni said with a charming smile。
Wang Youcai looked at Yao Chunni’s charming look,He put her in his arms and said:“That is something,Existing imperatives,You accompany me to sleep,I didn’t sleep all night last night“
Yao Chunni listened,Happy arms around,He hugged Wang Youcai’s fat neck tightly,The whole person is like a water snake,Twisted in Wang Youcai’s arms。
At this time, Wang Youcai is drunk,He suddenly hugged Yao Chunni,Put her on the head of the kang,Then both hands became busy。
quickly,There was a gasp of mixed men and women in the whole room。The sound is endless,Circumflex。It makes people excited。
The sun slowly rises,But the silence in Chenzhuang。Originally there were only more than 30 households,Nowadays, there are people working outside the home,There are only 20 households left in the family。
But these twenty families,The rest of the family is not the elderly,Is a woman with a child。Because these people have almost no labor ability,So everyone usually gets up very late,In this case,Will cook one less meal。
Poor is one reason,Laziness also accounts for a considerable part of it。Just such a place,Who can come out,All overbearing,Feel a little bit slumped。