Nice point,This is the same.,Heart has bottleneck,Sitting upset, go out and walk,Looking for a chance to break the magic barrier。

Be talking about,The old monk of a man in front of the front is floating,Smile and singing,God is very self-satisfied,Did see the two people。
“Liao brother,How do you think this demon??”The law is sent to the old man.,Face gradually turned cold。
“Uh,I think it is the most important thing.,Don’t forget the scene of the trick.,You can’t connect two times in the same pit。”
Liao Jie mouth pumping,Very clear, this is a penalty,How do he feel not important?,Fahai he thinks it is important。
Look at the situation,The Fahai should feel that it is going to be demon.。
as predicted,Liao Jie said,The law of God is a law gate,Chaotian monk chased。
“Old man,The wind is refreshed.!”
Liao Jie:
It turned out that it was not a coincidence.,Fahai and monsters are a routine。
He flipped over white eyes,Inspectedly,Patched the breath of sapphire in the arms,The speed is fine, but,It’s easy to catch up with the law.。
“Yes,young people,Morning transport is very good for cultivating Naddan,I have to run a few laps every day.。”
“senior,You hairdressing children’s dreams,Vantry,Practice the peak,Did you ask how many years you have?”
Liao Jie:
What I said before,Now say another time,And he is still next to,Is there a shame??
“Ha ha,Years don’t leave people,It’s two hundred years old.。”
Old monk holds the beads in hand,Laugh:“what about you,How many years have been repaired by two young people??”
“Be ashamed,Talented to the poor”
“I am going to practice almost a year.。”Liao Jie inserted。
Fall into the voice,The old monk and the law are Qiqi shaped,Three people continue to transport morning transport,But no one is talking.。
“young people,You continue to continue.!”
I am afraid that the air suddenly silently,The old monk urges the law。
“Be ashamed,The poor has been repaired for more than 20 years.,It’s better to say that the abbes can steal the day.、Fish!”
Fahai face indifference,Bother:“Bold”
“Boldly enchanting,I see you is not a person.!”
Liao Jie dawn,Then turn to look at the law:“This is the case,right?”
Fahai deep breath,Whisk sweep,Blocking old monk,Speed speed fast:“Boldly enchanting,I want your original shape.!”
Chapter 347 Spider is not a beautiful girl
“Dawei Tianlong,Like a Buddha,Shi Zun Tibet,Well, how is it?,Exemplar!”
French sea knot,The sky is full of gold,Buddha light is like shooting wearing dark clouds,Big gonghuang,Will the old monk from the head to the tail。
Golden lit moment,The old man is still aware of the vast Buddha’s light.,Two young people just look at young,Strong unhealthy non-he can resist。