The more so,Actually looking at these things,At this time, Han Tianlong couldn’t help but say to him。

“All right,In fact, there is nothing to consume for the time being。”
“What you want me to say,Hurry up and hand over Qiandu Building,otherwise……”
Han Tianlong finished,The people around him swarmed up,A look like he wants to start fighting here anytime。
but,Say what Han Tianlong said,It seems to Wang Teng,The more I look, the more I feel,This kind of thing is even ridiculous。
“Oh,Interesting,What you say,Are you trying to snatch Sendu Building from me??”
“Don’t pee and take pictures of yourself,And dare to rob Qiandu Building here。”
When Wang Teng said this,Around,Warriors of Dragon Tiger Camp,Rushed out。
Even when they look,Such a thing,In fact, in essence,It is necessary to solve this problem。
And look at these,These dragon tiger camp fighters,They never forget to say here。
“makes sense,These people are so courageous,Have you ever tried it?,Then just let go。”
“If you can,Just come,I want to see,Who is afraid of。”
“I won’t talk about other things for now,But here,Actually such a thing,Let’s deal with it quickly。”
When the soldiers from the Dragon Tiger Camp around are talking here,The more so,While looking at the front。