After finishing a bottle of hanging drops,When the nurse takes the temperature,The temperature has dropped to 39 degrees。When I heard my grandson’s body temperature dropped,Chen Yueqin chanted Amitabha in her excited mouth。

When a ray of light shines into the emergency room, Mavericks opened their eyes。The little guy is full of sweat on his forehead,There is even a layer of blisters on the mouth。
Xiao Niuniu saw Wang Youcai sitting next to him,He started crying。Although the voice is a bit hoarse,But can cry,This made Wang Degui’s heart,A little relieved。
Chen Yueqin, who was dozing off, heard the cry of Mavericks,Hurriedly rushed over,She said with tears:“Ouch my little grandson,You scared grandma to death“
Xiao Niu Niu was held by Chen Yueqin,Suddenly stopped crying,He said in a tender voice:“grandmother!I’m hungry”
“Yo!My grandson is hungry!What are you two people doing sitting down??Why don’t you go out and buy something to eat?”Chen Yueqin holding a calf,Loudly shouted at Wang Degui and Wang Youcai。
Wang Youcai yawned long,He asked:“What to eat?I’ll buy it for you”
“Don’t listen to children,Get him some millet porridge in the morning,Wait till noon,Give him some staple food like noodles。remember,Qiancheng can’t eat fried food these days“The attending doctor came in,He said to Wang Youcai with a serious face。
Wang Youcai responded,Run away。What a child eats is a trivial matter to him,But he was afraid of this illness,It seems that there is no woman in the family.。My old mother is older,There is nothing I can do。
Wang Youcai walked into a small restaurant with thoughts,When the boss heard he came to buy millet porridge,So he let him sit down and wait a while。When the porridge is ready to go,He gave his father and mother a breakfast each。
Just when he was about to step into the gate of the hospital,Suddenly a woman’s voice came from behind“Wang Youcai!Who is in the hospital?”
Wang Youcai surprised,Hurriedly looked back。No one is standing behind him,It’s his son’s mother Ni Xiaoli。Sometimes things in this world are too coincidental。
Wang Youcai wanted to ignore her,But Niuniu is the son of the two of them after all,Thought of here,He didn’t say angrily:“Son had a high fever last night,So I sent it over”
There is no mother in the world who does not love her son。Ni Xiaoli,Asked anxiously:“How is it now?Which ward does he live in?”
“The temperature has dropped,In the emergency room”Wang Youcai said,Turned around and walked towards the hospital。