After finishing a bottle of hanging drops,When the nurse takes the temperature,The temperature has dropped to 39 degrees。When I heard my grandson’s body temperature dropped,Chen Yueqin chanted Amitabha in her excited mouth。

When a ray of light shines into the emergency room, Mavericks opened their eyes。The little guy is full of sweat on his forehead,There is even a layer of blisters on the mouth。 Xiao Niuniu saw Wang Youcai sitting next to him,He started crying。Although the voice is a bit hoarse,But can cry,This made Wang Degui's heart,A… Read More »

The more so,Actually looking at these things,At this time, Han Tianlong couldn’t help but say to him。

“All right,In fact, there is nothing to consume for the time being。” “What you want me to say,Hurry up and hand over Qiandu Building,otherwise……” Han Tianlong finished,The people around him swarmed up,A look like he wants to start fighting here anytime。 but,Say what Han Tianlong said,It seems to Wang Teng,The more I look, the more… Read More »

Send Le Yu to the rescue room,They waited anxiously outside。

Blue Xin looked at a painful Muzi,His tongue and did not say it。 Hospital walkway filled with disinfectant smell,Blue Xin has already used this taste.。 They sat so quietly,No one has no opening。 Half an hour later,The doctor came out of the emergency room,Mu Heng child quickly asked:“doctor,My girlfriend okay?” Blue welcomes these three words… Read More »

Zhou Li took two steps,When I get closer to Xia Jian,She lowered her voice and said:“Not bad,Now the girlfriends are getting younger and younger,Isn’t it mature and bored??”

Although Zhou Li's voice is not loud,But Xia Jianneng clearly felt。Li Yue, who was walking in the front, must have heard it。So he laughed and said:“Yes indeed!What advice does Zhou always have??” “Humph!Dare not advise,I just remind you。You are young,Don't be exhausted into a woman's bed” Zhou Li left the famous words,Suddenly take a step,Leave… Read More »

Its strength,At least better than the Rampage Demon God。

He has no ethnic group,The strongest alone,Full of hostility to everything。 The body is a blood orchid,And there are eighteen tentacles like vines。Good at annihilation、Corruption and illusion。 “Really came。”Li Ming is defenseless,Was hit by a vine with corrosive power。 The blood red corrosive force penetrates into Li Ming's body along the surface。 “Zi Zi Zi~”The… Read More »

First2083chapter Woman in secret love

at dusk,The northwest wind keeps blowing,Xiping Village looks very quiet。The children who are afraid of the cold will never run out anymore。They got into the bed early,Enjoy the warmth brought to them by the fire。 In the office of the Xiping Village Committee,The charcoal in the furnace is burning。Sitting around the fire are Chen Erniu… Read More »

Nice point,This is the same.,Heart has bottleneck,Sitting upset, go out and walk,Looking for a chance to break the magic barrier。

Be talking about,The old monk of a man in front of the front is floating,Smile and singing,God is very self-satisfied,Did see the two people。 “Liao brother,How do you think this demon??”The law is sent to the old man.,Face gradually turned cold。 “Uh,I think it is the most important thing.,Don't forget the scene of the trick.,You… Read More »

Stayed up all night,Really sleepy。Xia Jian stayed asleep until 12 noon.。If it wasn’t for his mother Sun Yuejuan to call him,He might go to bed until the afternoon。

Old Xiao is in good condition,I ate half a bowl of noodles at noon。This makes everyone very relieved。 Finished eating,Fang Fang with a tired face went back to the unit。Xiao Xiao glanced at Xia Jian and said:“I really can't hold on,Sleep at home in the afternoon” Xia Jian slept for a while in the morning,So… Read More »

This night,Wang Youcai hardly sleeps。He pricked his ears and listened to the door,For fear of hearing someone knock on the door。It’s not light the next day,He and Tian Wa went to Yao Chunni’s house。

When Li Lanxiang heard that Wang Youcai had found her a dishwashing job in the city,A few hundred yuan a month。She's happy,Stay at home anyway,She looked upset when Wang Youcai and Yao Chunni were stuck together,It's better to be out of sight and out of mind。 Li Lanxiang packed a few clothes very refreshingly,So he… Read More »

“Oh?When it’s critical, it’s also a decisive person to survive with a broken arm.,I admire tight。”Great Asura God strokes his palm and admires,Then he pointed his finger at the small porcelain bottle again,“Could it be that this bottle is all congenital soil?”

“Exactly。”Although Li Tianzhen is outspoken,,But the expressions and movements are obviously nervous and uncomfortable,There seems to be very jealous of the scorching eyes of the Great Asura God,I almost took the small porcelain bottle back。 Great Shura sees it,Nodded secretly,There should be no major problems with his previous judgment,Although there is someone behind this kid,But… Read More »