Nice point,This is the same.,Heart has bottleneck,Sitting upset, go out and walk,Looking for a chance to break the magic barrier。

Be talking about,The old monk of a man in front of the front is floating,Smile and singing,God is very self-satisfied,Did see the two people。 “Liao brother,How do you think this demon??”The law is sent to the old man.,Face gradually turned cold。 “Uh,I think it is the most important thing.,Don't forget the scene of the trick.,You… Read More »

Stayed up all night,Really sleepy。Xia Jian stayed asleep until 12 noon.。If it wasn’t for his mother Sun Yuejuan to call him,He might go to bed until the afternoon。

Old Xiao is in good condition,I ate half a bowl of noodles at noon。This makes everyone very relieved。 Finished eating,Fang Fang with a tired face went back to the unit。Xiao Xiao glanced at Xia Jian and said:“I really can't hold on,Sleep at home in the afternoon” Xia Jian slept for a while in the morning,So… Read More »

This night,Wang Youcai hardly sleeps。He pricked his ears and listened to the door,For fear of hearing someone knock on the door。It’s not light the next day,He and Tian Wa went to Yao Chunni’s house。

When Li Lanxiang heard that Wang Youcai had found her a dishwashing job in the city,A few hundred yuan a month。She's happy,Stay at home anyway,She looked upset when Wang Youcai and Yao Chunni were stuck together,It's better to be out of sight and out of mind。 Li Lanxiang packed a few clothes very refreshingly,So he… Read More »

“Oh?When it’s critical, it’s also a decisive person to survive with a broken arm.,I admire tight。”Great Asura God strokes his palm and admires,Then he pointed his finger at the small porcelain bottle again,“Could it be that this bottle is all congenital soil?”

“Exactly。”Although Li Tianzhen is outspoken,,But the expressions and movements are obviously nervous and uncomfortable,There seems to be very jealous of the scorching eyes of the Great Asura God,I almost took the small porcelain bottle back。 Great Shura sees it,Nodded secretly,There should be no major problems with his previous judgment,Although there is someone behind this kid,But… Read More »

Qin Feng and Jiang Yan returned to Dongcheng

When the mood is very low。Jiang Yan and Wang Mengmeng are actually the same。Because their good friend Su Rou didn't come back with him。 Simultaneously,A sense of frustration has been permeating this small circle of three people。 Qin Feng felt that the frustration was because there was not enough combat power to overwhelm the people… Read More »

When the two went all the way downstairs,Xiao Gao suddenly said:“I hope I can read it out later,Then I won’t disappoint the big bear,but——I think Big Bear will not take my money then,He said rely on me,In fact, he will try his best not to trouble me。”

Chen Wenjin thinks this matter needs to be considered,If the two brothers will never separate each other in the future,Is difficult,Especially Xiao Gao will start a family in the future,Xiao Gao's future wife has no experience of living and growing with them,If the income gap is large,It's impossible to accept the two-part property sharing model。… Read More »

Hung up,Huo Yunhe is very upset,Nod her head to reprimand,“you’re so dumb,Why are you called grandma??”

Willow is dumbfounded,What's her husband's grandma??Mrs. Huo? If the elderly disagree with them,She asked grandma to be suspicious,But the current situation is very agreeable,There's nothing wrong with her calling grandma? Huo Yunhe looked at Yangliu's silly look,I knew she didn't understand what she meant,Lamenting his misfortune and looking at him irritably,Heartbroken lesson,“You wait until grandma… Read More »

“……Hey,never mind,I’m sorry。”A leopard still has such a thin face,But it does,Most of them tacitly know that the other party has earned some introduction fees,Said it hurts feelings in the bright place。

“Got it,You don't have to say anything,I'll raise a mouth for you。”Chen Wenjin thinks he will soon take care of him。 “OK!Leave it to you,Then I will treat。”A Bao is very happy,This is the best solution in his mind。 Chen Wenjin hung up,When I got home, I found Father Chen was still sitting in the… Read More »

“Whose work would it be?”Hua Zi asked。

Hu Yang looks at Wen Wenhao:“Brother Wen,Give me your magnifying glass。” Magnifying glass,Almost standard for antiques,Populus euphratica is rarely used。People like Wen Wenhao,Almost one man,Even female Liu Fang is no exception。 Wen Wenhao quickly passed his magnifying glass。 Take the magnifying glass,Populus began“scanning”A part on the screen。a while,After he confirmed,Push it to Wen Wenhao and… Read More »