Chengdu High-tech Zone relying on the province and city special inspection power to build a "double festival" safety line

Safety inspection of special equipment before the festival of Chengdu high-tech. High-tech Zone Market Supervision Bureau is a map of the People's Network September 29 (Wang Jun) to see the status, Chechny protection record, measure run data, risking risk hazard ... National Day, Mid-Autumn Festival "double festival" is coming, Chengdu High-tech Zone The Market Supervision… Read More »

China, U.S. Top Envoys Highlight Cooperation On Climate Change

"Thereleaseofthejointdeclarationshowsagainth, ourtwocountriescanaccomplishmanyimportantthingsthatarebeneficialnotonlytoourtwocountriesbuttheworldasawhole," saidXieZhenhua, China, Britain, (Xinhua) -.. TopenvoysfromChinaandtheUnitedStateshaveunderscoredtheimportanceofcooperationesdayattheongoing26thsessionoftheConferenceoftheParties (COP26) mateactioninthe2020stopromotecooperationonclimatechangebetweenthetwocountries "Thereleaseofthejointdeclarationshowsagainth, ourtwocountriescanaccomplishmanyimportantthingsthatarebeneficialnotonlytoourtwocountriesbuttheworldasawhole," saidXieZhenhua, Chinasspecialenvoyforclimatechange, atapressconferenceshortlyafterthetwocountriesissuedthedeclaration "Whenitcomestoclimatechange, thereismorecommongroundbetweenChinaandtheUnitedStatesthandifferences, makingitanareaofhugepotentialforcooperation," Xiesaid, call, astwomajorcountriesintheworld, bearspecialresponsibilitiesforworldpeaceanddevelopment , Xiesaid, "cooperationistheonlywaytogetthisjobdone." "WecannotreArgoalsunlessa LLOFUSWORKTOGETHER, "HESAID, NOTINGTHATHEUNITEDSTATESTATESASASASANDETOHELPSHEWAY.". Read More »

2021 Nieuwe speciale schuld die is uitgegeven aan het einde van het einde van het project zal worden geoptimaliseerd

Vanaf het einde van november was de nieuwe speciale schuld dit jaar dicht bij de release. Deskundigen zijn van mening dat de reikwijdte van het gebruik van speciale schulden in de toekomst naar verwachting zal worden verwacht, zoals meer voor beveiligingsbehuizingsprojecten, een groene koolstofarme ontwikkeling ondersteunen, lokale regeringen helpen om meer praktische behoeften te bereiken,… Read More »

A number of major scientific research results of the Naval Research Institute became combat power multiplier

In early March, a scientific research team of the Naval Research Institute and the officers and men jointly exchanged the officers and men of the southern aquarium, and discussed in-depth discussion on the urgent needs of joint operations. Since the adjustment, the Navy Research Institute adheres to the "scientific research and guidance first line, the… Read More »

The 7th "West Bank · City Stage Drama Exhibition" will be unveiled at Tianjin Grand Theater

Recently, the seventh "West Bank · City Play Drama Exhibition" press conference was held in Tianjin Grand Theater.Red classic, famous segment, boutique children's drama, new year concert, all star performance lineup, meet the needs of mass cultural needs and grassroots cultural construction, enrich the spiritual cultural life of the people. It is reported that the… Read More »

Two heavy documents in the cold chain logistics are willing to issue implementation to the 2025 layout to build hundred left and right back cold chain logistics bases.

  The General Office of the State Council issued "14th Five-Year" Cold Chain Logistics Development Plan. On December 13, Zhang Jiangbo, deputy director of the Ministry of Economic and Trade of the National Development and Reform Commission, revealed at the press conference of the "planning" situation, in order to promote the implementation of the "planning" mission,… Read More »

Saudi Arabian Kingdom Women’s Embassy in China Business Counselor: China is the miracle of the world economy

Saudi Arabian Kingdom Embassy in China, Front Business Counselor, Harley, Hulani. The respondent is mapped by the People's Daily. "Saudi Arabian Kingdom Embassy in China Ambassador Counselor Harley Harle Tvani received the interview with People's Network reporters, China's economic development maintains the world's leading position. In the current new crown pneumonia epidemic, many countries in… Read More »

Tightly pomegranize the consciousness of the Chinese nation like pomegranate seeds

  The Chinese national community consciousness is the foundation of the national unity, the spirit of national unity, the soul of spiritual power. The Party's 19th National Plenary Session "Suggestions" proposed: "Adhere to the national regional autonomous system, fully implement the party's national policy, cast the Chinese national community awareness, and promote all ethnic groups to… Read More »