“Ok!A vice president from Pingdu City came up,She is goingSHInvestigate the opening of a private hospital,I want to take someone over,By the way, the private hospital in this industrial park has been set up together。Manager Yang!I can only go first,Get together again later”

Xia Jian turned around and left。 Yang Ying smiled and said:“This is a good thing,You have to hurry up。Our factory has thousands of employees,This is also a big deal。Your private hospital opened in an industrial zone,Then this worries are gone” Yang Ying and Xia Jian are walking,Talking,She kept sending Xia Jian into the elevator,I went… Read More »

If Mr. Huangshen came to do this—It is estimated that Daojun Yuanyu himself is a bit certain to escape now。

Happy but,The secret method alone,Li Ming's strength is no less than that of Desolate God。 “Sister、Brother,And General Shan,Two elders!”Li Ming nods slightly,“Do not worry,I'll leave this barren god to me。” ------------ First7chapter Fight Tianqiongzong Wai,The god of desolation is a little uneasy。 “Is the intelligence of the eternal family wrong,That Ming Daojun doesn't care about… Read More »

The ancestor sacrificed by the blood races is the blood river,From the fragmentary information revealed by Shifangjun and Kuoqimo, it is shown that the blood river only appeared after the opening of the heaven gate.,This is in conflict with the time when the blood clan was formed,But after fighting in the wasteland of the mortal world,Li Tianzhen can almost confirm the ancestor identity of the blood river,Otherwise, the sacrifice will not have the kind of strong feeling that comes from blood。

The blood river originated from the last cosmic era,So it means that the whole blood race is actually a species that spans two cosmic periods,When the universe was destroyed last time,How they survived?An altar like this,Does it mean that there is a passage across the universe?? The above may just be some exaggerated associations,But Li… Read More »

“If you don’t want to endure the fire of purple thunder,Better shut up!”

“Believe it or not, I shoot you,Broke your chaotic barrier?” “Do not speak,Otherwise the old man will really clean up you!”Sun Tiangang suddenly turned his head and roared,Lightning and thunder in the eyes,The purple thunder fire is ready to come out。 There is no sound in the depths of the starry sky,that‘Son of Metaverse’Still seems… Read More »

Just when Xia Jian was in a hurry,Suddenly there was the voice of two women,Xia Jian quickly opened the door to take a look,The people here are Li Fengzhu and Zhao Chunling。

Two people enter the door,Li Fengzhu closed the door。She whispered:“Something happened to our den in a neighboring county,Zhao Gang rushed over to deal with it overnight,So he gave us a meeting,Tomorrow's speech class will be hosted by teacher Chen,Liu Xiaocheng and several supervisors are responsible for peripheral inspections,This is a rare opportunity” “it is good!We… Read More »

“it is good……”

Chen Xiu put down Wang Zilin on the bed,I put her hand up but I don't know how to get through the anger,Said embarrassingly:“Gu Lao,How to get out of the air?” “This is the most basic thing,Why don't you already have a cultivation base of the 9th rank?”Gu Rimou said in surprise。 “I……I rely on… Read More »

“No,I think your breakup is a waste,Changing positions can add a lot of rich tactics to the team。”

“Ok,I agree!”Zhang Song actually knows how to play with scouts and riders,Changing the location will not have much impact。 “Shunzi's recent tremendous progress can be felt by everyone,No need to change the position of the sniper。” “Thank you,God Lu!”Shunzi breathed a sigh of relief。 “Zhao Ping,Strong sense of responsibility and overall view,Suitable role for medics。”… Read More »

First0669chapter Great news

Pingyang Town is finally relieved,But Ouyang Hong is still resting at home。She also figured it out,Not let her go to work,She doesn't ask others,I've been busy for so long anyway,It's time to take a good rest,She even wants to goGZXia Jian。 this day,He received a call from Secretary Wang of the Municipal Party Committee,Said she… Read More »