Li Tianchou turned and stared at Xiao Song,“Can the trip to the Northwest work??”

Xiao Song has been silent,The pale complexion became paler,Now that I have chosen a position,It would be difficult for her to face Li Tianchou calmly。When the mountain breeze comes,The rain drops,Zhu Lei feels that his hands holding incense are a little sour,But Xiao Song didn't answer the words。 “understood,Take care!”Li Tianchou left sadly,After climbing over… Read More »

Fuck you,I don’t want to。When love comes, it’s time to come。

------------ Chapter One Hundred and Nine temporary decision Li Tianchou took a breath,I moved my arms casually and stood up。The sky is already bright,The morning breeze,Refreshed him a lot,The sweat-stained body is getting dry。Birds all around,A new morning begins。 Packed up by the river,Li Tianchou looked around,In the valley,There are lush low mountains on both… Read More »

Since writing dragon,Must have a lot to do with the dragon legend,But at this time Xia Jian was in the mood to study these things。Looking at a small restaurant on the side of the road,Xia Jian walked in,Took seven or eight hours in the car,He is indeed hungry。

An old man in his fifties is dozing off on the bench in the shop,When he saw Xia Jian,Asked in a cold voice:“Eat??“ “Ok!What kind of food?”Xia Jian said,Sat down。 The old man heard that Xia Jian was going to eat,Smile on my face,He smiled and said:“Fried noodles,Braised Noodles,Noodles,Stir-fry”The old man said,Finger on the wall。… Read More »

Luo said a little bit:“understand!Let’s go back quickly!You drive so long,Must be exhausted”Luo Yi said,I sniffed the flowers in my arms。

Xia Jian dragged two suitcases from the car,Then one hand dragged one,Strode towards home。Okay,There was no one from Xiping Village on the road。 When I opened my door and walked in,Sun Yuejuan, who was about to have dinner for me, saw that her son came back with a beautiful woman,She was stunned。 Xia Zecheng, standing… Read More »

Long Ba, who saw the situation first, reminded,About fifty rounds of rapid fire,Did not kill any targets,Only scratched Robinson’s combat performance,It’s shameful to be in the Dragon Group!

Saw signs of failure,Just feel aggrieved,Always considered the best,In front of Ragon,Seem a little weak。 “Is it uncomfortable?!This is what I learned in your China,Don't give up what you are good at!” Rajon laughed,It also blocked all Long Ba and their escape routes,Want to go?Absolutely impossible! ------------ Chapter Four Hundred and Sixty Four select Ragon… Read More »

Although we Chinese have a low social status,But we use our hard-working hands in this social environment that is not too friendly to us,Working hard to make our family’s life better,Although our social status and political status are not small compared to white people,But the economic gap between us Chinese and white people is not that big。

But what about the black people at that time?have what?You're welcome,Negroes in America 20 or 30 years ago,Political status and social status are lower than our Chinese,Economically, it can't compare with us,Many black families,May not make a hundred dollars a year。 But what about today 20 or 30 years later?of course,Even today,The social status of… Read More »

“it is good.Ok!”Geodaye gritted his teeth and stomped his feet,Shout in my heart“Fight!”

Then Geodaye ran up the second floor without saying a word,Took a backpack and ran down in less than two minutes,Then he confessed to Xiaopang face。 Geodaye tells Little Fat Face,The current situation in the British Virgin Islands is complex,Especially the chubby face was hit by the fake Cui Keying just now,Now that fake Cui… Read More »

“Why is she like that,do not you know?Do you want to watch that kid fend for himself??How many years have passed since,You’re still brooding?You can’t let go of your prejudices,Accept her?”

Lu Liang's forehead jumped,Grandpa said this seriously,It seems that there are other meanings,What's the reason,So that the old couple who never blushed would frustrate each other? Take a look at the father who looks unclear,I saw his eyes lowered,No expression on face,Just a trembling hand behind his back,Talk about his unrest at this time。 Dad… Read More »