Fortunately, no problem,Xiaoyao is a little faster,Timely rushing to save people,It should not be pregnant。

“Your Mightiness,What is my teacher Li Haihai has something to make you convey?,Please tell the truth.,Don't tease me again。”Echo,Obviously anxious。 “After you become a living dead,Li Wei is looking for Yu Lingzhen to help you,She is very lucky,found it。” Inexpress,Liao Wenjie continues:“I made a transaction with her.,Yu Lingren belongs to me,At this time, I am… Read More »

“Your big bad guy,I want to bully me.!”Fu Ying Snow guarded his chest,

“This is not bullied!This is called love.。” “Pooh!Your big bad guy!”Fu Ying's mouth,But it has already hurt yourself into the bedroom.。 “no,You have to wash your face!Otherwise don't let you hold!” “Follow!” the next day,Rui Rui came to the special high school to see Zhunexin, leaving the note.,Said to be a few days,After some days,… Read More »

Lin Biao:“!”

Why? Is this asked why?? How did he listen to this?,I am in a hurry.。 European suddenly came out:“Su Sei Ming,You are not in the tires.。” Su Sei Ming:“?” How often is this kind of person going to the woman as a spare tire?? Su Sei Ming:“European,Broken car needs spare tires,Made in Sujia,Who dares be… Read More »

Chapter 535 Innocently

When Jiang Bifai came out of the inn,Three young men and women,Two young men,When walking together,Between your hands, it is covered with clothes.——Needless to say,It is the exclusive son of Jiang Bifai, Jiang Yulang,There is another name, no password“Small fish”。 Back one name,Many people have heard of,And listening to this name,The first reaction is“Transferring flower… Read More »

In competition,What happened。

Or let the other party accidentally fall into the hands of the villains,Is also an uncontrollable thing,Even if Zhu Minglang really has any background,I can't find myself in trouble。 This is the insult,Endure it first! Yan Xu glanced around,Indeed, many guests are already watching here。 “Zhu Minglang,Eat more grapes,I'm afraid there will be no chance… Read More »

Just need to proveBmscofThe simulated data andmatlabSame thing。

Proof is easy and difficult to use habits,and soBmscofStrive to be better thanmatlabMake it more convenient,Easy to use。 of course,These are not the most important,The most important thing is the promotion of Xin system。 Dangxin system really became the only system in the world,Everyone can only useBmscofInstead ofmatlab。 More than just this software,photoshop、CAD、3DmaxCommon design software,The… Read More »

Li Tianchou turned and stared at Xiao Song,“Can the trip to the Northwest work??”

Xiao Song has been silent,The pale complexion became paler,Now that I have chosen a position,It would be difficult for her to face Li Tianchou calmly。When the mountain breeze comes,The rain drops,Zhu Lei feels that his hands holding incense are a little sour,But Xiao Song didn't answer the words。 “understood,Take care!”Li Tianchou left sadly,After climbing over… Read More »

Fuck you,I don’t want to。When love comes, it’s time to come。

------------ Chapter One Hundred and Nine temporary decision Li Tianchou took a breath,I moved my arms casually and stood up。The sky is already bright,The morning breeze,Refreshed him a lot,The sweat-stained body is getting dry。Birds all around,A new morning begins。 Packed up by the river,Li Tianchou looked around,In the valley,There are lush low mountains on both… Read More »

Since writing dragon,Must have a lot to do with the dragon legend,But at this time Xia Jian was in the mood to study these things。Looking at a small restaurant on the side of the road,Xia Jian walked in,Took seven or eight hours in the car,He is indeed hungry。

An old man in his fifties is dozing off on the bench in the shop,When he saw Xia Jian,Asked in a cold voice:“Eat??“ “Ok!What kind of food?”Xia Jian said,Sat down。 The old man heard that Xia Jian was going to eat,Smile on my face,He smiled and said:“Fried noodles,Braised Noodles,Noodles,Stir-fry”The old man said,Finger on the wall。… Read More »

Luo said a little bit:“understand!Let’s go back quickly!You drive so long,Must be exhausted”Luo Yi said,I sniffed the flowers in my arms。

Xia Jian dragged two suitcases from the car,Then one hand dragged one,Strode towards home。Okay,There was no one from Xiping Village on the road。 When I opened my door and walked in,Sun Yuejuan, who was about to have dinner for me, saw that her son came back with a beautiful woman,She was stunned。 Xia Zecheng, standing… Read More »