He endured for so many years,Divorced now,No need to continue to bear it,The man he wants to kill,The first one is Wu Lusheng!

With deep hatred,Ye Boping nervously pressed the knife in the bag with his hand,Follow up step by step。 Wu Lusheng didn't look back,But to find a suitable place,Tai Chi alone,This time,The young people have gone to work,The elderly also sent their grandchildren to school,There are really not many people in the park。 exactly,There are two… Read More »

First16chapter Turned out to be an old man

“Forget it,Forget it。”Yu Shi's expression has already given him the answer,Ji Yunfeng picked up the chopsticks again,Fish meat in the hot pot。 Yu Shi's eyes swept across his face,Caught a trace of loss deliberately concealed。 “Can you give me a hint?Maybe I just remembered。”Yu Shi doesn't want to give up。 Ji Yunfeng glanced at her… Read More »

Xia Jian quickly turned over and sat up,He laughed and said:“how can that be possible!I thank you it’s too late“

“Not from my heart!I think Song Fang is dressed like this,Obviously came to dedicate your life,You treat her like this,She can I hate you to death“After drinking a little wine, Tong Jie became unscrupulous when talking。 Xia Jian laughed and said:“Mayor Tong!Your drink is too bad。Such a little wine makes your speech change,I think you… Read More »

Ma Dong only felt that the disconnection of the five fingers of his right hand suddenly felt pain again。

of course,It's just a mental effect,In fact, his material fracture is already healed,Naturally no more pain。 The pain now does not come from physical,But from the fear of Chen Xiu in my heart。 “Do not……Don't be afraid of him,My throwing knife has taken it to the next level,I can beat him,Don't be afraid of him……”… Read More »

Baishui Town happens to be a market day,So there are a lot of people in town。Wang Youcai didn’t look at anything else,Find a store for women to buy underwear。It’s a pity,Lap down,He found nothing。It’s not easy to ask people,Angrily,He went back to the car,In order to buy Yao Chunni a set of sexy underwear,It seems that he has to venture into the city。

I just had a conversation with Aunt Wang,Let Wang Youcai feel that his opportunity is here,A family situation like Chunni,It's only a matter of time if she doesn't cheat,No matter how long Li Lanhua's life is, she won't be able to accompany Chunni forever。 Wang Youcai is this kind of thing who doesn't want to… Read More »

And the other side,City Lord Tianxi’s eyes widened,The hideous face stays forever,And his brow,A bleak piercing wound,A drop of blood oozes。

just now,Li Ming's spear runs directly through his head。 Almost at the same moment,Long family land,In the ancestral hall,A piece of jade card broken。 Inside the ancestral hall,An old man in a Taoist robe opened his eyes。 These eyes,Contains endless emotions,As if experiencing all the ups and downs in the world。 “Tianxi,That child has fallen。”A… Read More »

“I give a copy“Wang Degui roared,Jumped off the kang。

Wang Youfa saw that Dad made such a big fire,He turned around and ran,Yelled while running:“Things outside,If you don't give it to me, can you bring it to the earth?” Wang Degui is old after all,Jump off the kang,Almost fell to the ground,Chen Yueqin quickly helped him,While stroking his back,While comforting softly:“his dad!Don't be angry,He… Read More »

suddenly,The gilt fire dragon took a deep breath at high altitude,You can see the surrounding airflow turned into a huge red vortex。

“Roar~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!” A dragon flame gushes from the throat of the gilt fire dragon,Like an inverted crater,The hot lava is being irrigated to the entire Yongcheng city pool,The magma falls at the position of the statue,Quickly roll over the whole city…… A flowing red in the city,Sergeant,Good for the poor、Nobles,All disappeared in the pouring dragon flames!!… Read More »


Lin's group spirit is not very strong,Directly by this. ------------ Chapter Two Hundred and Seventy:Soul collision,Extra large package! “Qiang Qiang!” Suzaku crowing up to the sky,Sparrow God Flame soars wildly,Towards the blood seal。 “Bloody battle!” Blood seal drank coldly,Fist Shadow appeared in midair,Smashed the sparrow flames above,Attacked Suzaku fiercely。 “Qian!” Suzaku crying,Its power is tied… Read More »