“I give a copy“Wang Degui roared,Jumped off the kang。

Wang Youfa saw that Dad made such a big fire,He turned around and ran,Yelled while running:“Things outside,If you don't give it to me, can you bring it to the earth?” Wang Degui is old after all,Jump off the kang,Almost fell to the ground,Chen Yueqin quickly helped him,While stroking his back,While comforting softly:“his dad!Don't be angry,He… Read More »

suddenly,The gilt fire dragon took a deep breath at high altitude,You can see the surrounding airflow turned into a huge red vortex。

“Roar~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!” A dragon flame gushes from the throat of the gilt fire dragon,Like an inverted crater,The hot lava is being irrigated to the entire Yongcheng city pool,The magma falls at the position of the statue,Quickly roll over the whole city…… A flowing red in the city,Sergeant,Good for the poor、Nobles,All disappeared in the pouring dragon flames!!… Read More »


Lin's group spirit is not very strong,Directly by this. ------------ Chapter Two Hundred and Seventy:Soul collision,Extra large package! “Qiang Qiang!” Suzaku crowing up to the sky,Sparrow God Flame soars wildly,Towards the blood seal。 “Bloody battle!” Blood seal drank coldly,Fist Shadow appeared in midair,Smashed the sparrow flames above,Attacked Suzaku fiercely。 “Qian!” Suzaku crying,Its power is tied… Read More »

After two months,He knew that Haruko Miyamoto must be in bad condition,Even the worst is that her life is gone。

“Ugh,Haruko has no worries about her life。But now they are afraid that even their life is not guaranteed。Miyamoto's line is still decisive.。of course,Some other branches actually have trouble,Otherwise, the people on Haruko's side won't even say that they don't even have the security of life.。” Futian feels bad too,In fact, Haruko was picked up by… Read More »

“Yes,What’s in the crystal is our feelings,Compared to feelings,Diamonds can only be used as an embellishment。”Chen Wenjin sees that Xiao Xiao is still carefully observing the contents of the crystal,said laughingly:“There are others besides hair,But i won’t tell you。”

“you do not say,How can i know?”Xiao Xiao thinks this is too bad。 “Only if you are willing to destroy the crystal can you know。” “You are bad!”Of course Xiao Xiao is not willing to destroy the crystal,but,I want to know what's in it besides that hair。 This kind of remnant will often stir her… Read More »

When Ding Kelan turned and walked towards the parking lot,Tian Lu capitalized“Yay”,Very excited,Feeling Ye Xingkong is back,The heart that has been lonely for a long time boils。

------------ First253chapter Boast Tian Lu replied Chen Amei with a box of stinky tofu“rescue”Rent。 Chen Amei just returned from her natal family,Enter the house at the same time。 A-mei Chen said hello in a bold voice:“Tian Lu,Why did you come back?” “Overtime。”Tian Lu smiled。 “You want to be promoted,Exhausted。”Chen Amei moved the bag in her… Read More »

Deputy Director Wei nodded immediately,The whole person became more enthusiastic in an instant:“This way is good!such,Director Chen,Let me report to the leaders,Our dismantling plant is a key guarantee unit in the city,You can’t fool around on this land,Always find us a good location。”

Chen Xiaoshan is also welcome,Smiling way:“Then I will represent our factory700Many cadres and employees and our big boss thank you, Deputy Director Wei and the leadership of our construction committee。” Deputy Director Wei smiled like a flower:“You're welcome,Should be。” ------------ First475chapter letter of introduction What news spreads fastest in officialdom,Of course the political climate,But as… Read More »

But after all, the strength is comparable,Ask the powerhouse of the gods,So the reaction speed is quite sensitive。

When he saw Xia Chenglong coming in front of him,Just so gently,He escaped Xia Chenglong's attack as soon as he flashed.。 Just when he flashed away,Xia Chenglong pushed the Shadow Killing Needle held in his hand so gently towards him,The Shadow Killing Needle went into that person's body。 Xia Chenglong took a few steps back… Read More »

Sino-Singapore (002912) in-depth report: focus on network visualization before the industrial chain, the synergy effect is prominent

Sino-Singapore (002912) in-depth report: focus on network visualization before the industrial chain, the synergy effect is prominent The company is a domestic network visualization leader with a complete product line and strong competitiveness. Since its establishment, the company has continued to focus on the field of network visualization, forming an integrated industrial chain from front-end… Read More »