At this time,With the sound of high heels,The door of the meeting room was pushed open,A slender woman,Strode in。The long legs under her skirt are set against the flesh-colored stockings,Extraordinarily eye-catching。

The woman's long hair is draped over her shoulders,Like black silk。But Xia Jian took a look,All found that this woman is at least 37 or 18 years old。Although her complexion is great,The crow's feet around her eyes still betrayed her mercilessly。 “Oh sorry,Traffic jam on the road for a while,Does it affect everyone”This woman said,I… Read More »

Ten years,Li Ming is now 22 years old。

For ordinary practitioners,Twenty-two years old is just the age of introductory practice,It's great to be able to step into the Purple Mansion。 But for the true spirit, the essence is extremely high,For Li Ming, who can continue to recall various methods from his soul,The progress is naturally very big。 For example,His Qi refining has entered… Read More »

“you are?”

“Uncle Han,It's me,Xiao Shen,Shen Chunhua's son……I only paid my dad a special visit to you last month。” “Uh……” The man answered casually,Obviously did not remember Shen Zhao,It took a long time before it seemed to have a little memory,“Shen Chunhua, right?,A bit impressed,Is that the contractor who renovated the water and electricity?。” ------------ 62 Strong… Read More »

On the way back,Cui Ronghao is absent-minded even when driving,He is a smart man,Can feel the rejection of Yushi,That feeling makes him very uncomfortable。

When Yu Shi and Zhao Haiyi were together,He dare not express his thoughts,But now it's different,Yu Shi has been single again,No barriers between them。 Maybe,People in sadness are always different from ordinary people,She hasn't healed,He needs to give her some more time。 Cui Ronghao comforts himself,Unconsciously,Drove the car to the door of Yidong Media。 Park… Read More »

immediately,The scene in front of you began to change like a kaleidoscope,It’s like being overcharged so that Li Tianchou has no chance to react.,Until I return to normal,He is still silent in the aftertaste of the previous vision,Long time no words。

The old Taoist priest is silent beside,Don't mind Li Tianchou's mouth just now,Just watching the young man's expression and attitude,The incredible look in the eyes is getting stronger,Seeing the other side slowly sitting cross-legged on the rock,He asked in surprise,“What did the little friend just see?” “A bit messy,Can't say,Can't say。”Li Tianchou closed his eyes… Read More »

When everyone is talking,Zhu Tianguan slowly stood up from his seat。

“Let Zhu Xuehen escort people to the imperial capital,After all, Lichuan Dadi doesn't have a deep understanding of our Ji Ting Dynasty,It will be much better to have someone from the gate。”The imperial concubine said。 “it is good……Oh,I remembered,King An told me,I wish Minglang and despise the royal family,Also killed Zhao Chen,But there is such… Read More »

……………… Chen Xiu and Qin Zhi rushed to Mingde Middle School,Go straight to the principal’s office。

Just outside the office, I heard a rough male voice from inside:“Little girl movie,You better pray that my son won't suffer any sequelae,Otherwise i won't let you go!” Chen Xiu frowned,It seems that the other's parents are not easy to get along with,It might be difficult to apologize。 Qin Zhi said in surprise:“Xiaohan is still… Read More »

“do not move。Just leave it naked,Don’t want to die。”The woman yelled,Then turned his head and shouted at the big guy beside him:“Bring this old ruffian’s clothes。”

“Wait,What do you want us to admit?”Li Tianchou stretched out his hand to pull the old Donggua behind him。 “Don't pretend to me,Give money!I want to pat my butt and leave after playing?How can it be cheap?”The woman said she took out a cigarette and lit it,“Paralyzed scum,Miss Wan also eats overlord meal,what。” Being insulted… Read More »

Afang said this,Chen Feng can’t hold it anymore。He fumbled and pulled down the zipper on A Fang’s skirt,Picked her up and threw her on the bed。

Looking at Afang, who is full of obsession on the bed,Chen Jiang doesn't care about anything at this time。He pounced,The big wooden bed creaked overwhelmedly。 The house suddenly doesn't get quiet,It's the gasp of mixed men and women。 quickly,Chen Feng rolled off A Fang。A Fang lying beside Chen Feng said weakly:“brother!What's wrong with you today?”… Read More »

He was the immortal strong man‘Water’For children。

And still a living immortal,The dead immortality has left more treasures to the disciple,But the living immortal personally guided his disciples,Especially for disciples who are very similar to themselves,The effect is far beyond the guidance of intelligent life like Babata---After all, in practice,Intelligent life Babata can only tell according to experience,But an immortal teacher can… Read More »