……………… Chen Xiu and Qin Zhi rushed to Mingde Middle School,Go straight to the principal’s office。

Just outside the office, I heard a rough male voice from inside:“Little girl movie,You better pray that my son won't suffer any sequelae,Otherwise i won't let you go!” Chen Xiu frowned,It seems that the other's parents are not easy to get along with,It might be difficult to apologize。 Qin Zhi said in surprise:“Xiaohan is still… Read More »

“do not move。Just leave it naked,Don’t want to die。”The woman yelled,Then turned his head and shouted at the big guy beside him:“Bring this old ruffian’s clothes。”

“Wait,What do you want us to admit?”Li Tianchou stretched out his hand to pull the old Donggua behind him。 “Don't pretend to me,Give money!I want to pat my butt and leave after playing?How can it be cheap?”The woman said she took out a cigarette and lit it,“Paralyzed scum,Miss Wan also eats overlord meal,what。” Being insulted… Read More »

Afang said this,Chen Feng can’t hold it anymore。He fumbled and pulled down the zipper on A Fang’s skirt,Picked her up and threw her on the bed。

Looking at Afang, who is full of obsession on the bed,Chen Jiang doesn't care about anything at this time。He pounced,The big wooden bed creaked overwhelmedly。 The house suddenly doesn't get quiet,It's the gasp of mixed men and women。 quickly,Chen Feng rolled off A Fang。A Fang lying beside Chen Feng said weakly:“brother!What's wrong with you today?”… Read More »

He was the immortal strong man‘Water’For children。

And still a living immortal,The dead immortality has left more treasures to the disciple,But the living immortal personally guided his disciples,Especially for disciples who are very similar to themselves,The effect is far beyond the guidance of intelligent life like Babata---After all, in practice,Intelligent life Babata can only tell according to experience,But an immortal teacher can… Read More »

After Luo Chen heard Li Yiyi’s account,Suddenly said,He thought that the sun would be such a powerful thing,It can only make living beings feel warm?

Isn't that equivalent to a stove??Which is bigger than the stove,So that all creatures can feel warm,And that Haoyue,What poetry?Mostly it looks pretty。 Isn't it equivalent to a beautiful jade pendant??Luo Chen felt disappointed at the moment,Fortunately, he thought that the rising sun and Haoyue mentioned by the master Jingtian were some amazing things。 Otherwise,… Read More »

Shen Han’s sore scalp was numb and almost called out,But my heart is much easier,At least not so panic。I thought this old bastard should look like this,Who will show you so gentle?。

------------ 3 piano third chapter Huo Rongxuan tossed Shen Han very late the day before,I thought Shen Han would not get up the next day,Unexpectedly, he woke up the next morning and stretched his arm to the side,Touched。 When I got up and asked, I knew that Shen Han had already walked the dog,Huo Rongxuan… Read More »

“All right,Adjournment!Wang Shaoxiao,You come to my office。”Lu Menglin kept smiling。

The executives of Menglin Group had to leave in anguish,Most of them have the same idea as Zhu Xiaoguang,Although everyone trusts Lu Menglin,But the Ming Group is too strong,Don't talk about Lu Menglin,Even those first-tier domestic giants don't want to provoke them。 Everyone can't think of it,What else can Lu Menglin do against the Ming… Read More »

On the above five key messages,“Big boss behind”、“7000One hundred million U.S. dollars”、“Four major consortia in Southeast Asia”、“buy‘Diplomatic bond’”,These four pieces of information are all necessary and indispensable factors for the entire event,Alone“Transfer”This information is not necessary!

Who said that the big boss must transfer money to the four major consortiums in Southeast Asia?? If the big boss behind it had long expected that one day someone would track his identity information through transfer records,So in order not to expose himself,Deliberately not through transfer“Pay”What? Like extreme,The big boss directly took it out7000US$100… Read More »

Of course the union will not agree,This is like cutting meat on them。

at this point,Alex·Trotman understands,The reporters present also understand,But understand,In matters involving one's own vital interests,This time,The reporters stood on the side of the management without hesitation…… “Mr. Trotman,After we go back, we must report this incident!”Immediately there was a reporter who couldn't help shouting。 “Thank you,Thanks a lot,”Alex·Trotman to this“Speak up”'S reporter bowed slightly,Grateful:“I represent… Read More »

National Gold Strategy: Ammunition Sufficient A Shares Are Getting Into A Good Situation

National Gold Strategy: Ammunition Sufficient A Shares Are Getting Into A Good Situation Source: Strategy Li Lifeng and Industry Allocation Note 1. Major global equity assets rose sharply, mainly benefiting from loose liquidity and the continued rise in risk selection; from the FOMC interest rate observer data, it is expected that the March Fed meeting… Read More »