20e tot 22e Xi’an zal afkoelen! Er wordt verwacht dat de koeling 6 ~ 8 ° C Xi’an Rain – Rolling News is

[Abstract] van 20 tot 22, Xi'an heeft koeling, neerslag en haardroge weer. Om 18.15 op 17 november heeft Xi'an Emergency Administration een vroegtijdige waarschuwingsinformatie uitgegeven: getroffen door een sterke koude lucht, 20e tot 22e, Xi'an heeft koel, neerslag en blaasweer. Naar verwachting is dat het proces minder dan 6 tot 8 ° C is en… Read More »

Can the "East Europe" soap opera end?

[] The UK "Deo" has caused global concern as a major event that changes the geopolitical pattern. This very differentiated political issue has rushed the two prostitutes, and the many suspenses left will be revealed in the new debt, Boris Johnson, and became the focus of new public opinion.   On October 31, the new "Deuts"… Read More »

Two traffic hubs will be built next to Universal Studios

  A few days ago, I was located in Tongma Road Integrated Transportation Hub around Beijing Global Resort. The Global Studios North Comprehensive Transportation Hub project started, with about 10,000 square meters and 10,000 square meters, respectively. Tongzhou District Housing Construction Committee introduced that these two transportation hubs are integrated rail transit, ground bus, taxi, car,… Read More »

Beijing bouwt een World Science Center en innovatief hoogland

Oorspronkelijke titel: Beijing bouwen een Wereldwetenschapscentrum en innovatieve ontwikkelingsdoelen ■ Tussen 2025 wordt het International Science and Technology Innovation Centre in Innovation Inno gevormd en de constructie is het World's Science Center en Innovation Highland ■ Tegen 2035, Beijing International Science and Technology Innovation Center Innovation, Concurrentievermogen De RadioParamid leidt de leider van de Reporter… Read More »

The Taxation Bureau of the Xinjiang New District has made more efforts to promote the construction of a clean government culture.

"Every year, the painting and calligraphy competition, not only deeply feel the wonderful painting and painting, but also feel the integrity culture and infiltration." A party member cadre of the Shujiang New District Taxation attended the 2nd "Lian Cup" painting and calligraphy. Recently, the Jijiang New District Taxation Bureau's discipline inspection team actively promotes "cultural… Read More »

People’s Catalog: Kangmei was fined 2.459 billion yuan will form a strong benchmark effect

On November 12th, the Guangzhou Municipality made a first-instance judgment on the national first instance of securities in the country, ordered the champion of the Charity Pharmaceutical and other false statement of infringement to lose billions of dollars. The case decision will form a strong benchmark, demonstration, leading effect, influence and significance extremely significant. Investors'… Read More »

Two famous tomorrows were identified as "national three-level cultural relics" from the Shanghai Museum of "National Level".

On the 13th, another batch lost overseas cultural relics! At 10 o'clock in the morning, the National Cultural Relics Bureau hosted donated cultural relics, and Ms. Suzannefratus, Susana, California, donated my country's two Ming Dynasty Tao Tao, officially entered the Shanghai Museum. According to reports, in April this year, the Chinese Consulate General in San… Read More »