If you have a good time in his heart, you are better than picking up the spring.,After all, the three people will definitely fight.,At that time he can fisher。

But now Li Hui's arrangement,It is very likely to scare away from the people in the Fan.。 It is more likely to let the other person aware of someone。 “Hey-hey,N't why,Because of this,Fan Zhong will definitely anger,At that time, you don't divide the blue saple.,I feel that we have the opportunity to eat them.。” “Um?… Read More »

then,Zhang Song made an appointment with some good buddies in the Jingnan University of Science and Technology E-sports Club,Fight for the reputation of the gods in public channels,Launch a decisive battle against anyone who dissatisfied,If you lose, you’ll be called Dad。

“Some people really dare to fight,Watch our e-sports club defend the way,Punish all defilers for the gods!Come brothers!Fuck these sons!”Zhang Song likes to play games very loudly,Shocked many people in Internet cafes。 “Tu Tu Tu!Tu Tu Tu!Tu Tu Tu!” “exactly!Brothers follow me!Just fuck him!Oh shit,I hurt my leg,Let me find a place,Picking up the rocket… Read More »

“Understand Mr. Xia!I will do it”Zhang Le said he turned to leave。

Xia Jian suddenly remembered another thing,He hurriedly shouted:“and many more,I have something to tell you” Zhang Le stopped,She turned around,Quietly waiting for Xia Jian to speak,Xia Jian picked up the pen,Just drew and said:“Have you received the request for recruitment from the Eastern Wholesale Market??” “Just received yesterday,Today I have arranged someone to recruit”Zhang Le… Read More »

“now it’s right,You go back!I have something to do here。Of course,Where I need my help,You just speak”Xia Jian said,Ha ha smile。

Topaz nodded,Got up and left。Watching her go away,Xia Jian really shook his head helplessly。Come to him too,Does this make Wang Youcai deepen his misunderstanding?? Huang Yuhong hasn't been long since,When Xia Jian was correcting the documents on the table,Feng Xiaowei knocked on the door and walked in。She smiled at Xia Jian and said:“Sorry,A bit sassy… Read More »

Ouyang Hong on the phone heard that Xia Jian was going to plant peppercorns in the hillsides and wasteland of Pingyang Town,She promised:“Don’t worry about this,I immediately called Mayor Zhao,You will send someone to discuss this tomorrow,If the two masters agree,Sign the agreement quickly”

Xia Jian was overjoyed,Immediately smiled and said to Guo Meili and Xi Zhen:“New job here,You guys are working overtime tonight,Make a good land transfer agreement on barren hills and wastelands in Pingyang Town。Arrive to Pingyang Town early tomorrow morning to discuss with Mayor Zhao,Must be within one day tomorrow,Promise to sign this agreement with each… Read More »

“Come!This plate is beer duck,The other dish is fried vegetables,You go first。I will cook another shredded cabbage”At this time Luo Yi is flying with joy,Without waiting for Xia Jian to speak,She has already started moving。

Xia Jian brought these two dishes back to the living room。did not think of,Xiao Xiao had secretly eaten with chopsticks。She must have been tempted by the taste of this chicken too。 “Hey!you…”Xia Jiangang is going to speak。Xiao Xiao has pointed his chopsticks to his mouth and whispered:“You better shut up。Blame your girlfriend's cooking is so… Read More »

Next, Leo went around a few more places,Are quite famous chambers of commerce。

Unfortunately,There are two ancient devil fruits,But even the fossil pterosaurs can't match。 As for Eudemons and Nature, there is no drama。 “Leo boss,Are you looking for fruit for your partner?” Leo nodded:“That is my most important partner,I went to the sky island to find the fruit of the thunder!” Heard Leo's words,Anilu can't help but… Read More »

The busiest street in Tianxi City,There are stall shops of various sizes on the left and right,There are various foods,Clothing,There is even a blacksmith shop selling weapons,Of course it’s just an ordinary weapon,And illegal treasure。

“Step aside、Step aside!” Li Ming's ear moved,Hear a noise,Take the blood hoof and avoid it slightly。 I saw,Four acquired sacred beasts and demon horses drove a carriage on the road。 Four acquired beasts,The combined force is not much worse than an innate master,Not only fast,The power of its Benz, ordinary people will inevitably hit a… Read More »

The arrival of Xia Jian,Surprised the staff on duty at the breeding plant,They thought,Maybe something big happened,Or it’s midnight,How did the two village heads come to the farm。

In Xia Sanhu's office,Xia Sanhu,Song Fang and Chen Erniu,The three of them looked nervous,Zhao Hong's face is a little relaxed,But sitting silently。 “Are you dumb??Can you speak,Who put in the self-proclaimed reporter?”Xia Jian patted the table,Very loud。 Song Fang glanced at Xia Jian secretly,Whispered:“It's like this in the factory now,Let's not investigate this first,Put all… Read More »