Took a bite of fish,Luo Xiao suddenly raised his eyes,Watching Zhu Minglang,Asked:“Since I wish my little brother will enter the Dragon Training Academy,Then do you know how long the dragon is?What is your baby,Can you summon me to see?”

Zhu Minglang looked up at him。 Do you have a brain problem,I grilled such fragrant fish,You don't enjoy food,But came to test me! It really is a psychopath。 After a few words in my heart,,Zhu Minglang keeps the same smile as before,Replied:“Why did Mr. Luo make such a joke with me?,I'm not a true Dragon… Read More »

but,Because the chairman of Qianhao Group has solved these shareholders and other things.。

And what about him,There is no successor。 So these high-level,So I moved my mind。 “But now,Such a good opportunity,If everyone doesn't hold it well,Then what about,But I don't know。” The person who spoke just now,At this time, I kept talking。 And now,Those around,They raised their heads and looked here。 obviously,For such things,In fact, in their… Read More »

“Damn,What a few things?It’s shit!!“Someone on the other side called out。

Two exclaims surprised Pang Rong,Ding Manzi was even more angry,Xindao, Pang Rong is too embarrassing,Did he raise a bunch of pigs??What's the matter just yelling?This is a sneak attack?! Look at the two second goods in front of the main entrance,Slowly like a snail,Ding Manzi's anger doesn't come even more,Anyway it has been exposed,Regardless of… Read More »

“OK,OK,We will soon give you。”

Feeling that Li Hui Feng doesn't have a cold against himself.,Liu Yan is also very smart and fast transfer topic。 And high promotion is a time next to Liu Yan, but it is difficult to retreat.,Nor,Not gone。 “Hey-hey,High total,This white paper is written here.,Are you buying ten villas?? Still directly transfer to me five million,I… Read More »

Sword light like flowing water,Magic weapon,Swordsmanship is slightly better,Just touch,But the momentum is tightly locked to the zombies and never retreats。

“evildoer,Where to go!” ------------ Chapter Twenty Three Ordinary life(3)Zombie·Lin Daoshi Middle-aged Taoist priest turned his right hand into sword light,Tap the magic charm with your left finger,A talisman hit the zombie's body。 Zombie body shocked,All the clothes were destroyed,Revealing the cyan body like iron。 Zombie,On the Refining Body of Gods and Demons with the Body… Read More »

Darklands Core。

It will take some time for the world beasts to assemble,There are almost 8 million world beasts at this moment,These world beasts stopped fighting,Form a huge army。 Those powerful world beasts that have reached Tier 5 strength are constantly roaring,Communicate order。 Among them, Mohe, the highest state, even developed a superficial combined attack technique,Passed on。… Read More »

“Yo!Boss Wang!You haven’t seen the sisters for a while”With the woman’s silver bell,Lan Ling walked over in a cheongsam with high slits。

Wang Youcai's eyes fell on Lan Ling's long legs,I can't move it anymore。She laughed:“Boss Lan is still so charming,Your long legs,Seems to look better than before” “Thank you boss Wang for the compliment,Let's find a place to sit,Don't just stand here”Lan Ling is indeed a Fengyue veteran,She is talking,So he rubbed up against Wang Youcai。Suddenly,Wang… Read More »

For a time,They pointed around the two men,The people around also gathered,Talk a lot。

gradually,More and more people。Two men molested the beauty but got kicked,Still being watched by so many people、fling in teeth,I want to dig a hole on the beach to bury myself。 When Ji Yunfeng arrived,See this scene from afar,Get nervous instantly。That's where Yushi is located,He worried about what happened to Yushi,Hurriedly ran over。 Wait for him… Read More »

Li Tianchou stood up,Turn around and leave。

“Hey,Sick you?”Shen Yingjie quickly put down his chopsticks,I want to reach out and hold Li Tianchou,But I got nothing,Hurriedly rushed to the lads nearby to wink。 But what expected Li Tianchou to be extremely fast,Suddenly a few steps rushed out of the restaurant in the service area,The four lads of the five big and three… Read More »