Sword light like flowing water,Magic weapon,Swordsmanship is slightly better,Just touch,But the momentum is tightly locked to the zombies and never retreats。

“evildoer,Where to go!” ------------ Chapter Twenty Three Ordinary life(3)Zombie·Lin Daoshi Middle-aged Taoist priest turned his right hand into sword light,Tap the magic charm with your left finger,A talisman hit the zombie's body。 Zombie body shocked,All the clothes were destroyed,Revealing the cyan body like iron。 Zombie,On the Refining Body of Gods and Demons with the Body… Read More »

Darklands Core。

It will take some time for the world beasts to assemble,There are almost 8 million world beasts at this moment,These world beasts stopped fighting,Form a huge army。 Those powerful world beasts that have reached Tier 5 strength are constantly roaring,Communicate order。 Among them, Mohe, the highest state, even developed a superficial combined attack technique,Passed on。… Read More »

“Yo!Boss Wang!You haven’t seen the sisters for a while”With the woman’s silver bell,Lan Ling walked over in a cheongsam with high slits。

Wang Youcai's eyes fell on Lan Ling's long legs,I can't move it anymore。She laughed:“Boss Lan is still so charming,Your long legs,Seems to look better than before” “Thank you boss Wang for the compliment,Let's find a place to sit,Don't just stand here”Lan Ling is indeed a Fengyue veteran,She is talking,So he rubbed up against Wang Youcai。Suddenly,Wang… Read More »

For a time,They pointed around the two men,The people around also gathered,Talk a lot。

gradually,More and more people。Two men molested the beauty but got kicked,Still being watched by so many people、fling in teeth,I want to dig a hole on the beach to bury myself。 When Ji Yunfeng arrived,See this scene from afar,Get nervous instantly。That's where Yushi is located,He worried about what happened to Yushi,Hurriedly ran over。 Wait for him… Read More »

Li Tianchou stood up,Turn around and leave。

“Hey,Sick you?”Shen Yingjie quickly put down his chopsticks,I want to reach out and hold Li Tianchou,But I got nothing,Hurriedly rushed to the lads nearby to wink。 But what expected Li Tianchou to be extremely fast,Suddenly a few steps rushed out of the restaurant in the service area,The four lads of the five big and three… Read More »

Be responsible forAMCDavid at the Institute of Automotive Engineering·Bryson is such a clever person,He immediately said:“boss,We got it,You speak,What do we need to do?AsLexusChief designer,What do you say,What we do。”

That's right! Chen Geng nodded in satisfaction,Said:“LexusCore,Is to make a sufficiently precise and precise、Must be quiet enough during operation、Smooth enough engine,The technical content of this engine must be high enough,Gentlemen of the Power Engineering Department,You only have one year at most。” ———————————— PS:Brothers sorry,Please wait a few minutes。 In that case,AMCAs soon as possibleLexusBe ahead… Read More »

Quiet for a while on the phone,Just said:“Correct,Those are the people who were in Huo’s house before,You all know。If you find a face following you,Contact them immediately。”

I don't know if it's the phone receiver,Huo Rongxuan's voice sounds particularly low,Moreover, the tension in the words also made Shen Han worried.。 “what happened,Did something happen to you??” “nothing,Bear with me,It will be fine after few days,be good。” Shen Han is still not at ease,He thought of Huo Rongxuan's last leg injury,A heart is… Read More »

“Intel has not yet reached the desperate moment of despair,”Chen Geng didn’t sell Guanzi,Explain to Dolucy:“Now even if they are willing to transfer shares to us,The percentage of willingness to transfer will not be very high,Just a symbolic point,The most important thing is that the price is not too cheap……”

Without waiting for Chen Geng to finish,Dolucy understood in an instant:“Ok,boss,I understand what you mean,You are right,It's not the time。” ps:4000word!Brothers sorry,Just a moment please。 “Yes,They let go,”Dolucy on the phone sounds very good:“Crawford, the president of Intel, contacted me,Said to deepen the connection between the two companies,After careful consideration,Think it can sell us some… Read More »

Alex·Goodrich was stunned,He can imagine it,If this“Space war”The plan is really a pit the Americans dug for the Soviets,It’s unreasonable for Reagan not to be president!

Looking at Chen Geng again,Alex·Goodrich's eyes are completely different from before。 Before,If there is any idea of betrayal, it is not enough,But maybe because of Chen Geng's skin tone、Maybe because of Chen Geng's age,Alex·Goodrich always disagrees with Chen Geng more or less,I think this is a kid who is out of luck,But now,Alex·The Wizards of… Read More »


Chapter Eighty Try to cooperate Book friends who subscribed in the morning do not subscribe again,The morning chapter is in。Resend。 —————————— After Chen Wenjin finished the call with Butterfly,Walk to the parking place,But saw a corner of his mouth tilted、A homeless man who looks like a handicapped is standing by his car,Seems to be resting,Feel… Read More »