The receptionist heard the CEO of the entrepreneurial group came,Immediately took them to the office of a deputy director。In a small room,With a coffee table,A one-to-one modular sofa。The other is a big desk,Sitting behind the table is a middle-aged man in his fifties。

“Hello!President Xia,Here you are,Director Ma has asked many times,I'm Director Du who is in charge of development here,Is a deputy“Director Du greeted him warmly,He shook hands with Xia Jian,Then greet Xia Jian and Long Zhu to sit on the sofa。 Xia Jian smiled and glanced at Director Du,I saw this person of medium build,Belly bulging,Especially… Read More »

Park the car,Xia Jian put on his stand-up collar coat and followed the black baby into the private room reserved by Xiao Xiao。The moment I opened the door,A few women swarmed out。Everyone around Xia Jian,Gossiping,It’s not easy to make a noise。

It's the hot pot that women like most。Xia Jian is not cold about this thing,But haven't eaten it for a long time,He still has some desire to eat。 Because I have to go to work the next day,So Xiao Xiao only let everyone drink beer。Halfway through,Xi Zhen said suddenly:“President Xia!You are not authentic,I heard that… Read More »

“Is it a girl?Is Dr. Fang about my age??”Jiang Wan’er asked。

“I happen to be twenty-six this year……” Fang Yu replied。 Feel the look in Jiang Wan'er's eyes,Seems a bit strange。 “I'm helping you analyze it……Where is that girl?” Jiang Wan'er continued。 “do not know……People live in villas。I can't afford it……”Fang Yu helpless。 “Hahaha……No wonder you hesitated。Not as good as this,As long as you come to… Read More »

“but,You must be careful。”

When Jiang Ya looked at Wang Teng,I never forget to speak directly to Wang Teng。 And hear here,at this time,Wang Teng smiled slightly,Don't forget to nod here。 Actually these things,Wang Teng came naturally quite clearly。 “Rest assured,My skill,Don't you guys know?” “This time to Jiangzhou,It won't affect!” When Wang Teng looked in front of him,obviously,For… Read More »

Xia Jian thought,He really can’t stay in this place,What if a young man or Xiongji comes back again??Didn’t he escape from the tiger’s mouth and enter the wolf’s mouth again??

“Can't help it,I'll give you money”Xia Jian said,Took out a fifty yuan bill and handed it to the fat woman。 Fat woman taking money,I also yawned and said:“Just close the door when you leave”After talking, she twisted her ass and left first,She might not sleep well either,Hurry back now,Maybe to make up for sleep。 Out… Read More »

“Damn,Don’t do business in the evening,What to do,The competition of the nightclub has been fierce to this extent.?”Liao Jie bite his teeth,I have already checked in advance.,Still someone falls in the crust。

“Four donor,Dust,Soil,People have humanity,Ghost,It's not the world you should come here.,Now put it down and。” Quietly high-spirited Buddha,Stern:“If it is obvious,Ossifying breakfast,I am afraid that I can't even have a beast road in my next life.。” “Hahaha,The big monk is really interesting,As long as we don't go back,What is the relationship between animal roads?。” “This… Read More »

“Come to eat。”Xia Shuyue helped Liu Shuqin up,Three people eating together。

Liu Shuqin has been helping Xia Shuyue pick up vegetables,“How are your parents??Still at work?” “Good health,No work now,Bad efficiency in the factory,Laid off,Some salary。”Xia Shuyue answered honestly,She feels like she is being interviewed by a reporter。 “mom,You asked too much。”Uncle stopped mom in time。 Xia Shuyue smiled,She keeps watching TV with her eyes,It's time… Read More »

And looking at it all,at this time,Wang Teng didn’t feel it at all,What’s wrong with this look。

And seeing these,Now,Wang Teng is one step forward。 “All right,Now words,In fact, let's not entangle these problems for the time being。” “Now that it's confirmed,Deal with these things properly,I think,Next,It's better to start quickly。” Looks at Wang Teng,Such a thing,Is indeed the top priority。 If you can't solve it properly,After all,There are still some problems。… Read More »

With brain-computer chip, brainwave input can be achieved,Projected virtual keyboard can support keyboard input,Used to the current mobile phone,It can also be directly projected into an electronic screen,Swipe input directly,Equipped with a miniature microphone,You can talk to Xiaozhi directly,Very convenient。

------------ 537 Someone cheated Macro and micro、Infinite and infinitely small,There is often a surprising unity。 For the current industrial civilization,I want to make big things and tiny things,Are extremely difficult。 The former such as aircraft carrier、Such as various types of aircraft,The latter such as chips。 Both also need the guidance of various physical theories,The former… Read More »