Ox cart。

Chen Xiu sitting cross-legged,Holding two booklets in one hand and watching,Wanli chasing step on the left,The one on the right is Xiaoyao Yufengbu。 Wan Ruyi's guards outside the car are already asleep。 suddenly。 A smile flashed in Chen Xiu's eyes,Speak softly:“That's it!” He jumped out of the carriage and ran towards the grove on the… Read More »

“Bother you,Because someone reported,So we have to check,No best”The lead policeman said,Both eyes swept across Xia Jian’s body,I feel like Xia Jian is a dangerous person。

A false alarm,When everyone comes back to the house,It's a little past midnight。Xia Jian lowered his voice,Quietly asked Han Juandao:“what happened?”He meant to ask where the gun went。 “Don't worry about this,Let's sleep!In case the partition wall has ears”Han Juan finished,Pulling Xi Zhen back to their room。 Although Xia Jian was full of puzzles,But he… Read More »

Unless Saito asks an ancestor of the heavens to cast the spell of time-traveling,To figure it out thoroughly—However, it is impossible,The cost is too high。

of course,Li Ming doesn't care what the Saito's senior management will do,He used the mystery of the gods to guide the formation of an illusion against Yuan Yeyi,The original purpose was to try this method,Adding a blockage to the upper class of Saito is just taking advantage of the trend。 “Tut,This Yuanshen Taoist named Yuan… Read More »

But for a top powerhouse like Wright。。。The rules often serve them。Even the Puppet City Lord who initiated this mission,It’s impossible to ignore this task。Although this seven-star mission cost more than ten trillion source stones,However, as the lord of the city, he can reimburse part of it,not to mention,Spend ten trillion source stones and make friends with Wright,Not a loss to him。

For Wright,He doesn't care about the income of ten trillion source stones,In either the physical plane or the highest plane,To a certain extent,It doesn't make much sense to increase。After all, on the material plane,God cannot be bought with gold coins,In the highest plane,The source stone can't buy the main artifact,Can't buy the Lord Godhead。 Of… Read More »

Dark sky,Zhu Minglang suddenly disappeared into everyone’s sight,Look up,I can only see that the curtain is falling down for some reason,Gives people a sense of pressure that is difficult to breathe。

“Sky Screen Sword!” High-pitched voice from the air,The dark sky actually collapsed in an instant,Huo Shangjun in the Tomb Mountain、Pu Hanrong、He Qingqian、Zhao Chen、Fu Xumei、Ye Guang and others are even more horrified。 At the lost wall、People on the tower,The picture I saw was just Zhu Minglang falling down with a sword,Although amazing,But they can't feel the… Read More »

Xiao Xiao’s face was still pale when he surfaced,But stubbornly unwilling to show sadness,She did not speak,Just looking at Chen Wenjin。

Originally, Chen Wenjin wanted to catch up when Xiao Xiao jumped out,Facts proved,He overestimated his running speed,Also underestimated Xiao Xiao's agility and determination to jump out。 The lifebuoy was dropped on the boat,Wang Shuai shouted anxiously,Watch them catch,Pulled them up again。 If in the water there is the force of reverse motion,Xiao Xiao returned to… Read More »

I’m afraid that Lin Tiansheng’s ceremony is fake,Is it true to force their family to sign a contract to transfer the property?!

Lin Yuner ignored Liu Chunlan's pull,I came directly to Lin Yang,Said:“Uncle,Do you really want to be so heartless?” Lin Yang looked at Lin Yuner and snorted directly,Did not speak。 For Lin Yang,He is such a patriarch,I still don't know the same as a girl。 “Lin Feng,Lin Feng,How are you doing?”at this time,Suddenly there was Liu… Read More »

so many people,Naturally, I don’t worry about what threat a Situ Yan poses to them,All gearing up,Eager to try,Just be good for a while,I’ll definitely be able to add money by then!

Thought of here,They didn't even look at Situ Yan。 “Ah!Move again,I will make you regret。” Upon seeing,Everyone feels that he is overpowering!They are specially trained bodyguards!Will be afraid of a kid? But the next second,Their faces suddenly became frightened! “Don't let me say it a second time!roll!” The black hole pointed at a few people,Everyone… Read More »

Hu Yang smiled,Speak to the people who are still stunned:“Since he gave it to you,Then play!remember,Don’t use your own money to play,It’s over if you lose it all,Understand?”

Gambling is human nature,Even women are no exception。Especially coming to this kind of place,Hard to restrain,If it wasn't for Brother Hu by his side,,Maybe they plan to play a few。 right now,Each of them has tens of thousands of chips from Jiangnan boss,With Hu's permission,Can't restrain it anymore。 Just when they were about to rush… Read More »

Wingtech (600745): The plan to acquire Anshi has been finalized and repurchased

Wingtech (600745): The plan to acquire Anshi has been finalized and repurchased The core point of view officially announced the acquisition proposal, and it is expected that it will be reported to the Securities and Futures Commission after passing the approval process of the shareholders' meeting on April 8.The total consideration for this restructuring budget… Read More »