Baise Founding Wenxiu class funds difficult students

Original title: Baise Founding Wenxiu class funded difficult students This newspaper Baise October 31 (Reporter Luo Yi Hua, Jiang Xiaodan, Zhang Yunhe), in the "Time Model", "July Medal" Winner Huang Wenxiu - Guangxi Baise Pray High school, China Poverty Alleviation Foundation, the Guangdong Cixuan Public Welfare Foundation, etc., including 14,48 million yuan, used to create… Read More »

Anhui 蚌 "Tianwang Project" makes illegal crimes nowhere

Bengbu Public Security Bureau "Tianwang Project" Command Center. After the completion of the people's network Wang Rui video surveillance system, the total amount of cases in the city of Bengbu has declined differently. According to statistics, after installing video surveillance system probes in the same public security area, the defensive case decreased by 20% year-on-year.… Read More »

2 years have not returned to the desk! Taiwanese vendors hope that the authorities are relaxed, and the internal affairs department is called "not suitable"

  Affected by the epidemic, many manufacturers have not returned to Taiwan, may face "registration of household registration" and other issues, and the "2-year non-entry" provisions can be extended. Qiu Tai San, the main committee of the Main Committee, said that it would refer to the demand for the needs of the interior department, but "the… Read More »

Ajedrez Presidente Cubano Inaugura Aula Especializada Donada Por China

LAHABANA, 17noviembre, 2021 (Xinhua) - ElpresidentedeCuba, MiguelDíaz-Canel (d-frente), juegaajedrezenunaulaespecializada, enLaHabana, capitaldeCuba, IAZ-Canelinauguróelmiércolesunaulaespecializadaenajedrez, instaladaconequipamientodonadoporChinaalaUniversidaddelasCienciasdelaCulturaFísicayelDeporteManuelFajardo, deLaHabana (Xinhua / JoaquínHernández) LAHABANA, 17nov (Xinhua) -. ElpresidentedeCuba, MiguelDíaz- Canel, inauguróhoymiércolesunaulaespecializadaenajedrez, instaladaconequipamientodonadoporChinaalaUniversidaddelasCienciasdelaCulturaFísicayelDeporteManuelFajardo (UCCFD) ,, elmandatariojugólaprimerapartida, queconcluyóentablas, conlaGranMaestraycampeonanacional, LisandraOrdaz, quiendeformavirtualmoviópiezasdesdelaprovinciadePinardelRío, enelextremooccidentaldelpaí, ubicadadentrodelcampusdelaUCCFD, tienecapacidadtecnológicapara20jugadores, aunqueahorasóloestánmontados12puestos, dondejueganniosconbuenashabilidadesajedrecíénGranMaestraylíderdelproyectoajedrecístico "SoandoaCapablanca", VivianRamón, expresóaXinhuaelalto agradecimientodelasautoridadesdeportivascubanasaChina, sincuyaayuda, dijo, esaaulasóloseríaunsueo. "HemosrecibidolacolaboracióndeChinaenlalogísticadeestaaula, conunatecnologíaquenoscolocaelnivelmásaltodelasescuelasdeajedrezdelmundo", afirmoRamón, quienfueralaprimeraGranMaestradeIberoaméóquelanuevainstalacióndaráunbuenimpulsoa "SoandoaCapablanca", unproyectoquetrabajalaspotencialidadescognitivasdelosniosyalmismotiempolashabilidadesajedrecísticas. "AquívamosaproducirGrandesMaestrosamuytempranaedad", subrayó.RamóninformóademásqueChinacooperaenlaedicióndelibrosdeajedrez, delosqueahoraestáenpreparación "Torneosrelevantesdelahistoria"… Read More »

Central Bank: Virtual currency such as bitcoin is not legal currency, no actual value support

People's Network Beijing August 27th (Huang Sheng) "We once again remind the people, bitcoin, etc., the virtual currency and other virtual currency are not legal currency, no actual value support. "Today, in 2021" Financial Knowledge Popularization Month Financial Knowledge Entrance to Wanjia Strive to Rational Investors Strive to make financial good news "activities", "Media Blowing"),… Read More »

The Mid-Autumn Festival has accumulated 1588.7 million visitors from all over the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Original title: Dawan District Wenxue activities come into new hotspots from Guangdong Province Culture and Tourism Data, Mid-Autumn 3-day holiday, all over Guangdong receives 10,000 tourists, and incorporate 150 key scenic spots in the monitoring visitors. It is worth mentioning that the theme of the Daxan District inspired new hotspots, and related cultural tourism activities… Read More »

The deep high-speed rail joint test year has the opening of the operating conditions

People's Network Nanchang September 8th, this website learned from the China Railway Nanchang Bureau Group Co., Ltd. that on the day, the Shenzhong high-speed rail Jiangxi section entered the joint training stage, marking the opening operation of this railway to open a step. According to reports, the railway department will use the test train, integrated… Read More »