That moment when the golden light rushed into the body,The memory fragments in Li Tianzhen’s mind gradually fell silent from the restless surging state,The sky is clear and bright,A few stars,Start gathering and splicing,A complete picture appears,That is a young smiling face,Wearing grey coarse clothes,Carrying a very old bag,Marching in the desert,The sun shines ahead,Long journey,Young people still have a firm footing,Fearless。

“Is that me?”Li Tianzhi occasionally feels,Suddenly there are a few stars twinkling in the sky、Splicing,Then the new picture is presented,Deep in the clouded mountains,The boy is fighting with the behemoth,That is a very strong wild boar,Binocular can discharge,Snort can breathe fire,The sharp fangs are like two curved cones,The young man's weapons are only a broken… Read More »

“Without delay,To cooperate,The old man quickly got a charter,In case of major changes。”

“The old man thought of a way,Just need to take risks,prior to,Brother walked all the way,Fighting in the hole again,I watch your combat skills are sharp,Doesn't seem to be afraid of the soul attack,I dare to ask my brother to make me up‘Tianzhenwei’One member waited for the opportunity to kill that Zhang Baogen,by me‘Tianzhenwei’A supernatural… Read More »

“These are all weapons that Zifeng has collected over the years,But the so-called big killer that Fansheng relies on is much more than that,Not easy,I also blame me for not caring and trusting these things。”The look of the high priest finally got a little solemn。

She looks at the mountains in the east,There is a fierce battle,Li Xiucheng became more cunning this time,So far, there are no obvious flaws,I don't know where he got so many monsters with strong cultivation base,Sinna's indifferent eyes contained infinite murderous intent suddenly released,Let the world change color,The dim mountain col ushered in the night… Read More »


Suddenly the wind broke above my head,Feel a powerful sword,Thought it was Zhu Huiwei's sneak attack again。 “Flick!” Li Zhen still popped up the spiral pill last time,Then I know that this time helix pill was suddenly split into two when it hit the knife,Wind disappears。 “Zhu Huiwei's sword spirit is so powerful,Did he just… Read More »

Xia Jianyi listen,This is indeed a good thing,But the newly opened bank is young after all,Risks are inevitable,So Xia Jian smiled and said:“Manager An!You can think about the group everywhere,This makes me very touched,But the newly opened bank,We still have to be careful“

“President Xia, rest assured,I will only loan for the time being,The risk will not be big。As for the future,Wait until the time is up“An Demin smiled and said。 Xia Jian nodded and said:“it is good!You have to grasp this size,If you can't do the Lord's things for a while,You have to find Mr. Xiao。And promotion,I… Read More »

This is about to tear the skin to see the truth!Wang Shaoxiao’s face is a bit heavy,He also thought that Lu Menglin just called to bluff people on purpose。

The students present changed their minds for a moment,All figured out the key points。 Tong Lei is a native of Shenzhen,It's normal for him to have a car at home,But Wang Shaoxiao is a foreigner,His fellow villagers are also outsiders,How come there are cars in the deep city?So that kid must have been bluffing just… Read More »

The lone wolf at this time was choked by Xia Chenglong,Just like a little chicken,Caught,His feet are off the ground at this time,Struggling desperately。

The lone wolf face flushed red at this time,Also terribly ugly,But no matter how he struggles,To no avail,At this time, he felt as if a metal clamp was added to his neck,Unbreakable。 The air in the lungs of the lone wolf is becoming less and less,Little by little on his face,Turned into sauce purple。 The… Read More »

“Over,dad,Our house is over,All the suppliers unilaterally terminated the contract with us,The orders we took over also unilaterally cancelled the contract with us,bank,The bank has also frozen the company’s fixed assets,Take it for auction!”Ouyang Xiahua said to Ouyang Wuji with a bitter expression。

Ouyang Wuji heard Ouyang Xiahua's words,The whole person was also stunned,He didn't think of the thing he least wanted to see,It really happened like this,These are the results of his hard work for many years.! In despair,Ouyang Wuji seems to have thought of something suddenly,Said to Ouyang Xiahua:“It's ok,Xia Hua,We have many other industries,We are… Read More »


Anthony·Fokker raised his eyebrows,Implication:What does it matter? “China was previously a socialist country like the Soviet Union,Everything is owned by the state,This is just a few years after the reform and opening up policy was implemented,”Chen Geng touched his nose,To Anthony·Fokker explained:“So on the one hand,They tried every means to attract foreign investors to invest… Read More »

at night,Lao Cheng invited Hu Yang and Hua Tsai to visit his home。

Let's not say that Populus is an idol that his daughter worships,Good relationship,Only Populus helped him identify a rare treasure——Yaobian Tianmuzhan,You have to entertain Hu Yang and them。 As more and more unfamiliar calls hit his cell phone,He really realized,What level of national treasure is this。 Director of the Cultural Heritage Bureau,All call in person… Read More »