Since 2024, art majors are divided into three types of admissions

  Proficiency of social demand and high cultivation quality, the admissions, 2024, basically realizing the provincial level of art professional provincial examinations, no longer cross the provinces set up school entrance examination points to gradually improve cultural scores, reverse " The heavy professional light culture "The tendency reporter learned from the Ministry of Education on the… Read More »

First161chapter Black and white face(6/10)

Leo doesn't care if there is a problem with these Tianlong people's brains,Anyway, he didn't follow his rules,Then don't play,Watch others play well! He has so many monsters anyway,Even one Tianlongren can eat it all,What he wants to give Tianlongren is superiority,Not a monster。 The first to do it all,All six monsters have masters instantly。… Read More »

“Miss Jones won the prize,Actually I am no different”Xia Jian smiled,Raised the glass and took a sip。This foreigner’s wine is really good,This taste is just one entrance,Xia Jian thinks this is indeed a good wine。

Afang glanced at Jones,Xia Jian added a little wine to his glass and asked:“Mr. Xia!I heard you used to be the boss of a startup group,Then why do you leave the startup group now?” “Everyone has aspirations,Besides, life is full of stations,Everywhere you go, there will be a different scenery。I am a person who likes… Read More »

“No. 3 mining area。。。Lost!”

A few simple words,Wang Zhenming took a step back directly,Hurriedly asked:“how is this possible!Didn't I equip you with a family guard?!” “Just last night,The evil beast suddenly stormed the No. 3 mine,We could have held it,but。。。” “But what!” “But suddenly there appeared a level 5 evil beast, the Fire-Eating Spirit Fox,We don't have the slightest… Read More »

Zhao Luo turned around without saying anything,Back to my office,Press the internal phone on the desk,Fang Na got up and walked to Zhao Luo’s office,Knocked on the door and walked in,Standing in front of Zhao Luo。

“Manager Zhao,Come to me?”Fang Na asked deliberately,Smile on face。 “I don't want to be this boss,enough,You should find someone else。”Zhao Luo sternly。 Fang Na knows that Zhao Luo is going to lose her temper again,Just walk over and close the door,“What's wrong with you??Starting a company is a joke?I invest so much money,You say quit?”She… Read More »

Xia Jianyi listen,Haha smiled:“It seems that this toast is fine for not eating,But what I want to ask is,Who respects this cup,You alone,Or the four of you respect it together,Because the four of you are standing by me“

“Do you still want to ask this??The four of them must have respected it together,You didn't see that they used a small cup when they drank it themselves,I used the biggest cup when I got to you“Gu Yue stood up,Sternly。 Xia Jian is happy,He immediately smiled:“Thank you four for your wine“Xia Jian finished,Not waiting for… Read More »

“Whenever I say such shameless words,Don’t expect to enter my little world,You were once the mastermind,Should be bloody,Be shameless,Why is it like this?Think about it。”

Secretly,I'm so shameless when I wait,Only one mouth left,How bloody?But think about it,Seems to make some sense。 Li Tianzhen no longer talks with these mouths,Throw it all into the small world,Maybe the restoration of consciousness and memory,Help these mouths,Do not,These gods and demons can find their once self、Self-esteem。 Because the spirit of monsters comes from… Read More »

Lu Yong, this dog will not only bite.,And also bite special pain!His betrayal,Directly ruined this battle,Destroy all the arrangements!

“Siki,All-in-one!” Duan Yao shouted,Let the soldiers go to the drum,Yourself is a horse to go to the direction of the bridge.。 At this time, what should I don't use?,Directly taking advantage of the Shenmei army has not responded yet,Press all chips! Won,Yucheng is available,Gao Bi will shrink in the city as a turtle.。 Lose,Nothing,I can… Read More »

This is Chen Xiu’s two days,Encountered four teams that contained one after another,Killed a total of twelve third-rate masters。

It is not difficult for Chen Xiu to kill these third-rate masters。 The hard part is to be concealed,And be fast,Soon they have no chance to signal for help。 Chen Xiu opened a few pages of cheats found from the three people,Nodded with satisfaction,Although these cheats are some infamous combat skills,But it was very helpful… Read More »

Chen Xiu is not surprised about Chiba Fruit,What surprised him was the method that Gu Rimou made out of thin air.,Blurt out:“Space bag!”

“Space bag?” Gu Rimou reacted instantly,Take out a small pocket that looks like an ancient money bag,Said with a smile:“This is Yazi Bag,Of course, it's not bad to call it space bag in the current civilized name。Your kid is unclear about other things,I know this kind of treasure!” Chen Xiu was curious to reach out… Read More »