Lu Yong, this dog will not only bite.,And also bite special pain!His betrayal,Directly ruined this battle,Destroy all the arrangements!

“Siki,All-in-one!” Duan Yao shouted,Let the soldiers go to the drum,Yourself is a horse to go to the direction of the bridge.。 At this time, what should I don't use?,Directly taking advantage of the Shenmei army has not responded yet,Press all chips! Won,Yucheng is available,Gao Bi will shrink in the city as a turtle.。 Lose,Nothing,I can… Read More »

This is Chen Xiu’s two days,Encountered four teams that contained one after another,Killed a total of twelve third-rate masters。

It is not difficult for Chen Xiu to kill these third-rate masters。 The hard part is to be concealed,And be fast,Soon they have no chance to signal for help。 Chen Xiu opened a few pages of cheats found from the three people,Nodded with satisfaction,Although these cheats are some infamous combat skills,But it was very helpful… Read More »

Chen Xiu is not surprised about Chiba Fruit,What surprised him was the method that Gu Rimou made out of thin air.,Blurt out:“Space bag!”

“Space bag?” Gu Rimou reacted instantly,Take out a small pocket that looks like an ancient money bag,Said with a smile:“This is Yazi Bag,Of course, it's not bad to call it space bag in the current civilized name。Your kid is unclear about other things,I know this kind of treasure!” Chen Xiu was curious to reach out… Read More »

Must stay away from here,Find a safe place to recover as soon as possible,Now both Zhang Zhiqiang and the instructors are looking for him all over the world,Except for Luo Jun and Shen Yingjie,No one would easily believe him。

Along the valley bottom,You just walked out of half a mile,The phone that Li Tianchou just seized got an incoming call,Is a strange number,He found a hidden place,Look around,Just pressed the answer button。 “Walker,where is it?”The instructor's eager voice came from the microphone,No temptation,Straightforward,It can be seen how nervous he is after reading the text… Read More »

“Kid,Don’t be surprised,You are also a part of here since today。”

Main entrance,Ancient design handed down,On the five-meter-high gate are two unique charms“Tufu”Big print。 This word is not written randomly,The same as what he wrote outside the city,Have a unique mood in it,Xia Chenglong's eyes are on it,Then the spirit of the real person is sucked into it。 That is an endless mountain,A man carrying an… Read More »

“Qiangwei go in。”Chen Wenjin considers if he goes in,The other side recognized it,May be a little more mindful of people going in behind him,Although the people who fleas just now shouldn’t see the rose in the crowd。

“Ok。”Qiangwei get off,Passed。 Chen Wenjin waited a few minutes,Just get off the car and go in。 The bar is not small,but,Not many people。 Just ten people in twos and threes,Among them is a table of friends who Wang Shuaituo invited to find the way。 Qiangwei sitting at the bar,Hold your cheeks,As if in a bad… Read More »

The Third Elder Tujia nodded in satisfaction:“Although I don’t know what you experienced,But it’s very hard,Afterwards, everyone will have generous rewards for everyone。”

“Thanks sir!”Tu Bai quickly thanked。 Today, this Tujia family is so beautiful,So as to show everyone,They are still the absolute overlord of Lingxiao City,No one can shake their status。 “Everybody,Since besides our Tujia,,Everyone else retire,Is it possible to announce the end of this joint conference?!” “No comment!” “I have no objection!” Old Man Ma and… Read More »


Statham was dumbfounded and didn't know how to respond to this sentence:As long as the car can run, it doesn't need maintenance?What kind of god logic is this? Chen Geng waved his hand,Said to Statham:“You can't take the U.S. use and maintenance conditions、The user's economic conditions and usage habits are used to measure the users… Read More »

“what happened?Did something happen?”Qiao Tianyu asked quickly when he saw this。

------------ First0248 chapter Six major gold trading centers in the world “Joe,Sanye Cui is here!”Michelle is out of breath and hasn't finished,Cui Laosan brought in a stranger and walked in。 “San Ye!San Ye!”Qiao Tianyu and Cui Kai quickly got up and shouted,But there was a whisper in their hearts。 Didn't they just split up in… Read More »