Sujia still looks old。

Don't worry about the tuition fees of Suhu,Elders can save some of them,Small days are not rich,Most of the most families in Chinatown,Don't eat it, you can't eat it.。 Thinking that grandson has to go to college over the year,Su Lao still does not dare to spend money,Yesterday, my son Su Shi Cai made… Read More »

See this scene,Outside mountains,Suddenly shouting。

Nonely thinking about thinking,After induction of danger,The uncomfortable face has changed.。 He almost no shit is hesitating.,The whole person suddenly crusles。 “summer,Your luck is very good.,I hope that there will be a chance to really fight.。” Not cooking,But I have to accept facts,He is still lacking a little luck。 One sentence has not been finished,The… Read More »

Just now, the shadow swallows the magic demon,They look in their eyes,Today, shadow is in Xiaoxue,Her end is self-evident。

Big Demon's mood,Supreme。 Clear clearly,Small snow service for hundreds of years,Get along so long,Even if it is a pet,At least there should be a little feeling。 Who knows how to start。 He is full of pessimism for yourself in Montenegro。 They kneel on one side,Do not dare to make any sound,I am afraid that the… Read More »

“When the snow falls,No snowflake is innocent……”Fang Yu shook his head。

Signaled Huqiaoer to drive! Over there Jiang Wan'er,Still waiting for Fang Yu。 “Wait,You give me ten minutes to convince Uncle Dong……If he is still stubborn……Then I have nothing to say!” Huqiaoer looked serious。 “Go!” Fang Yu is not a heartless person。 Since Hu Joel has that idea,Just let him go。 Anyway,Fang Yu is not… Read More »

finish breakfast,Xia Jian gave another thousand yuan to Xiaoqin:“Don’t go anywhere,And leave from here now,Maybe the police can find here soon。Waiting five or six days,You go to the entrepreneurial group http://www.qdzncn.cnto find Wang Lin,Give her this rich letter,Remember what i am here with you,Can’t tell anyone,Otherwise it will hurt yourself“

Xia Jian finished,Carry the bag that Xiaoqin bought for him,Like a migrant worker,Strode out。Xiaoqin with money in his hand,Chased till the gate,Watching Xia Jian disappear from the back,She is already full of tears。 The sun hides in the thick clouds,The cold wind is blowing wildly,It feels like it's snowing again。Pedestrians on the road can't help… Read More »

Feng Yan twisted her body,Cry like cry。In this dark night,She is a weak woman,How to compete with a bull like Wang Youcai。

Feng Yan soon gave up the futile resistance,Hugged by Wang Youcai,Rushed into a dark room,With a crash,Soon there was a gasp of mixed men and women in the house。 the next day,Xia Jian got up a bit late,Yesterday's exhaustion,Let him lie down and never open his eyes anymore。I don't know who made the call,Woke… Read More »

They are self-old,There is enough proud to put in the eyes in the eyes,I didn’t think of a hand,This young man brings them to the stress。

I didn't fall in the wind with an enemy.。 It's really unparalleled in the two people.,The ghosts and Renault rowners who have killed more than the summer.。 “Dead。” Harris quickly launched counterattack,The wise sword in the hand becomes red.,Then, the flame is raised.,Hourvi is extremely horrible。 A sword,Even the air is twisted,The grass on the… Read More »

“Two less,Wei edging drama revised the script together,I just sent it to the director to review。”

“What? Wei supplement opera?” Lu Yuli's face is sinking down。 “Yes,Wei supplant drama likes,People around you know,During this time, two people got along the eve,Feelings will gradually increase,We have need to pass,Will not disturb them easily。” Ye Wei faces his idol,Honestly and tray。 Lu Yuli has a very bad face back to the office。 Just… Read More »

Divided the realm of abroad,Duke charges the amount of it is only extraordinary late.,And the summer has already touched the threshold。

The gap between the two is not true。 The crowded people, of course, I don't know the mystery.。 So this scene falls in the eyes,The rest is extremely confused。 Duke this new hegemony……Will not be a fake?? Why haven't started to defeat?? “I want to challenge me like this.?”Summer striking,“I don't think you are… Read More »

“He is a Ming Gong’s student。”Zhou Zhizhi。

“Ming Gong's student!”Towel is a bit surprised,The light in her eyes flashes,Nodding,Immediately look at Nan Ge,“This little girl seems to see us.,She is a weak teacher or a mortal?” “It's just。”槐 序。 There is no 吭 吭 周 周。 This belongs to the ancients——They divide Tianshi into Zheng Tianshi and Weak Tianshi,In addition to spiritual… Read More »