6Teamtholi,The anger of the heart is not venting。

Seeing the Dwarf Army launched a charge,Nowhere to roar。 “shoot,Give me the death of the bastard!” Chu Lingu also scallfully,“All archer,Arrow!” “call http://www.vintageunion.cnout。” “Bamboo。” “call out咻 咻咻……” Skirts are inclined from the wall of the city,Dense,Endless,If you have a storm。 “Roar!” Dwarf in front of the front,Will huge shields in the hands,A piece of。 “Hey……”… Read More »

Speech,Huo laughs,The bite cut teeth, a big slap, 抽 狠 这 这 人。

The sound is brittle,It is unpredictable。 All stay。 Men's head slammed,Magical horizontal 踉跄。 “you……You dare to http://www.zhuangyan086.cn hit me?” How many years,He is a strong man,Have a long time in the outside world,He has been humiliated。 “Beat you? Laozi still 踹 you?。” Huo Guang is a big step,League your legs。 Man wants to hide,However, the… Read More »