Why do n’t you often eat shiitake mushrooms?

Why is it not easy to catch a cold when eating shiitake mushrooms? Lentinula edodes is a common edible fungus, and the parasitic mushroom has increasing anti-tumor and antiviral effects, which are increasingly recognized by scientists. Japanese doctors have found that eating shiitake mushrooms can promote metabolism, make people feverish, and prevent colds.   Why is… Read More »

Essential for preventing and curing onions

_1 Essential for preventing and curing onions Onions, also known as shallots, shallots and jade shallots, have been used as vegetables for 5,000 years. In European and American countries, onions are known as "Queen of Vegetables". Foreign countries are more particular about eating onions, western food, salads, and hamburgers. For Westerners, it is "no onions… Read More »

Self-massage prevents recurrence of cervical spondylosis

Self-massage prevents recurrence of cervical spondylosis For those who always work at the desk, or who operate the computer for a long time, cervical spondylosis is commonplace. The work carried out led them to neglect physical exercise, and the long-standing cervical spondylosis was found. Through conservative treatment, the symptoms of many patients with cervical spondylosis… Read More »

Climbing stairs easily

Climbing stairs easily The initial breathing frequency and pulse rate will be completely accelerated when climbing stairs, which will greatly enhance the human body's breathing, strengthen the heart and the function of the vascular system.   Due to the acceleration of work and the accelerated pace of life, many people have given up exercising. But climbing… Read More »

Stomach function is weak, eat more fermented coarse grains

Stomach function is weak, eat more fermented coarse grains From the nutritional point of view, cornmeal, sorghum noodles, soba noodles and other coarse grains are re-nutrient after fermentation. After fermentation, coarse grains contain a variety of B vitamins in addition to protein, carbohydrates and lipids.   B vitamins are essential nutrients for fatigue relief and are… Read More »

Why emotions affect people’s health

Why emotions affect people's health Maintaining a positive and optimistic mood heightens people's longevity and increases physical resistance, and recently scientists have confirmed the connection between emotion and health from another perspective. They point out that if the mood is depressed all year round, it will gradually increase complications and amplify people's pain. Please pay… Read More »