“I rely on!”Suddenly saw Wu Xing’s mouth curled up,Liang Bing got goose bumps all over her body,I cursed in my heart。

Just because the other's expression looks more like the brother-in-law in her memory。 But anyway, Liang Bing is now the devil queen,Although I was surprised,But my face quickly returned to calm,Replied gracefully“You look like a friend of mine。” “is it?Which friend of yours?”Wu Xing showed a wicked smile。 “……。”See this smile,Liang Bingxin jumped again involuntarily。… Read More »

“Why is she like that,do not you know?Do you want to watch that kid fend for himself??How many years have passed since,You’re still brooding?You can’t let go of your prejudices,Accept her?”

Lu Liang's forehead jumped,Grandpa said this seriously,It seems that there are other meanings,What's the reason,So that the old couple who never blushed would frustrate each other? Take a look at the father who looks unclear,I saw his eyes lowered,No expression on face,Just a trembling hand behind his back,Talk about his unrest at this time。 Dad… Read More »

Juxiu didn’t answer directly,I brought out the freshly fried lotus root clamp,come on,Taste,If I go to work in the future,I can’t eat it often。

Tian Lu stepped forward to hoop her mother coquettishly,Said:“I will come back every day,Not very far away。” Ju Xiu patted her head caressingly:“You have a mother in your heart!” Three days later,Tian Lu arrived at the location shown on the mapXtNetwork Technology Application。 She went by bus,No private car,No money to buy a car is… Read More »


Chapter Eighty Try to cooperate Book friends who subscribed in the morning do not subscribe again,The morning chapter is in。Resend。 —————————— After Chen Wenjin finished the call with Butterfly,Walk to the parking place,But saw a corner of his mouth tilted、A homeless man who looks like a handicapped is standing by his car,Seems to be resting,Feel… Read More »

“But there is a premise,Only by acquiring good terms can Honda get good publicity,If the final result of Fernandez is terrible,It hurts Honda’s brand power a lot……”

………… A group of senior executives at Honda Technical Research have their own words,Opposed,Also supported,No one can convince anyone。 Facing everyone's argument,Hedao did not express his preference,finally,His eyes fell on the vice president of Honda Motor Co., Ltd.、He is also the next president of Honda Motor Co., Ltd.、My younger brother、The second disciple of Honda Soichiro… Read More »


PS:Said10Point,This all12Too much…… I dug a hole myself and stuffed myself in,Aircraft dismantling and recycling,I think I am a pig,Why do you write this stuff in your head??Car dismantling and checking something,The dismantling of the plane is really impossible to find……I really want to scold myself,How to write this stuff? But since it has been… Read More »

at night,Lao Cheng invited Hu Yang and Hua Tsai to visit his home。

Let's not say that Populus is an idol that his daughter worships,Good relationship,Only Populus helped him identify a rare treasure——Yaobian Tianmuzhan,You have to entertain Hu Yang and them。 As more and more unfamiliar calls hit his cell phone,He really realized,What level of national treasure is this。 Director of the Cultural Heritage Bureau,All call in person… Read More »

“Whose work would it be?”Hua Zi asked。

Hu Yang looks at Wen Wenhao:“Brother Wen,Give me your magnifying glass。” Magnifying glass,Almost standard for antiques,Populus euphratica is rarely used。People like Wen Wenhao,Almost one man,Even female Liu Fang is no exception。 Wen Wenhao quickly passed his magnifying glass。 Take the magnifying glass,Populus began“scanning”A part on the screen。a while,After he confirmed,Push it to Wen Wenhao and… Read More »

But after all, the strength is comparable,Ask the powerhouse of the gods,So the reaction speed is quite sensitive。

When he saw Xia Chenglong coming in front of him,Just so gently,He escaped Xia Chenglong's attack as soon as he flashed.。 Just when he flashed away,Xia Chenglong pushed the Shadow Killing Needle held in his hand so gently towards him,The Shadow Killing Needle went into that person's body。 Xia Chenglong took a few steps back… Read More »

Hu Yang smiled,Speak to the people who are still stunned:“Since he gave it to you,Then play!remember,Don’t use your own money to play,It’s over if you lose it all,Understand?”

Gambling is human nature,Even women are no exception。Especially coming to this kind of place,Hard to restrain,If it wasn't for Brother Hu by his side,,Maybe they plan to play a few。 right now,Each of them has tens of thousands of chips from Jiangnan boss,With Hu's permission,Can't restrain it anymore。 Just when they were about to rush… Read More »