Although we Chinese have a low social status,But we use our hard-working hands in this social environment that is not too friendly to us,Working hard to make our family’s life better,Although our social status and political status are not small compared to white people,But the economic gap between us Chinese and white people is not that big。

But what about the black people at that time?have what?You're welcome,Negroes in America 20 or 30 years ago,Political status and social status are lower than our Chinese,Economically, it can't compare with us,Many black families,May not make a hundred dollars a year。 But what about today 20 or 30 years later?of course,Even today,The social status of… Read More »

Quiet for a while on the phone,Just said:“Correct,Those are the people who were in Huo’s house before,You all know。If you find a face following you,Contact them immediately。”

I don't know if it's the phone receiver,Huo Rongxuan's voice sounds particularly low,Moreover, the tension in the words also made Shen Han worried.。 “what happened,Did something happen to you??” “nothing,Bear with me,It will be fine after few days,be good。” Shen Han is still not at ease,He thought of Huo Rongxuan's last leg injury,A heart is… Read More »

When the two went all the way downstairs,Xiao Gao suddenly said:“I hope I can read it out later,Then I won’t disappoint the big bear,but——I think Big Bear will not take my money then,He said rely on me,In fact, he will try his best not to trouble me。”

Chen Wenjin thinks this matter needs to be considered,If the two brothers will never separate each other in the future,Is difficult,Especially Xiao Gao will start a family in the future,Xiao Gao's future wife has no experience of living and growing with them,If the income gap is large,It's impossible to accept the two-part property sharing model。… Read More »

“Qiangwei go in。”Chen Wenjin considers if he goes in,The other side recognized it,May be a little more mindful of people going in behind him,Although the people who fleas just now shouldn’t see the rose in the crowd。

“Ok。”Qiangwei get off,Passed。 Chen Wenjin waited a few minutes,Just get off the car and go in。 The bar is not small,but,Not many people。 Just ten people in twos and threes,Among them is a table of friends who Wang Shuaituo invited to find the way。 Qiangwei sitting at the bar,Hold your cheeks,As if in a bad… Read More »

“Intel has not yet reached the desperate moment of despair,”Chen Geng didn’t sell Guanzi,Explain to Dolucy:“Now even if they are willing to transfer shares to us,The percentage of willingness to transfer will not be very high,Just a symbolic point,The most important thing is that the price is not too cheap……”

Without waiting for Chen Geng to finish,Dolucy understood in an instant:“Ok,boss,I understand what you mean,You are right,It's not the time。” ps:4000word!Brothers sorry,Just a moment please。 “Yes,They let go,”Dolucy on the phone sounds very good:“Crawford, the president of Intel, contacted me,Said to deepen the connection between the two companies,After careful consideration,Think it can sell us some… Read More »

In Zhang Cheng’s house,Seems to be filled with mist。

Feynak and Zhang Cheng discussed,It's time to take action against Ye Xingkong。 in fact,Feynak has always wanted to retrieve the spaceship,His spacecraft fragmented and disappeared,Still have a glimmer of hope,Want to put Harry(Ye Xingkong's name on the gray planet)Own spacecraft,Efforts to find Harry spacecraft,Once Harry is removed,What a wonderful thing it would be to take… Read More »

He actually said directly,He just wants people in the village to go out,Because I read well,There is more hope。

If those people don't have enough education,,They don't understand how great a degree is。 Because many people are when they need a degree,That has been killed。 Not to mention,When academic qualifications play a huge role。 “but,Isn't Qin Feng still childless??Does he need to care like this?”Gao Yu really doesn't understand Qin Feng's thoughts,That's why I… Read More »

The Third Elder Tujia nodded in satisfaction:“Although I don’t know what you experienced,But it’s very hard,Afterwards, everyone will have generous rewards for everyone。”

“Thanks sir!”Tu Bai quickly thanked。 Today, this Tujia family is so beautiful,So as to show everyone,They are still the absolute overlord of Lingxiao City,No one can shake their status。 “Everybody,Since besides our Tujia,,Everyone else retire,Is it possible to announce the end of this joint conference?!” “No comment!” “I have no objection!” Old Man Ma and… Read More »

“All right,Adjournment!Wang Shaoxiao,You come to my office。”Lu Menglin kept smiling。

The executives of Menglin Group had to leave in anguish,Most of them have the same idea as Zhu Xiaoguang,Although everyone trusts Lu Menglin,But the Ming Group is too strong,Don't talk about Lu Menglin,Even those first-tier domestic giants don't want to provoke them。 Everyone can't think of it,What else can Lu Menglin do against the Ming… Read More »

“it is good.Ok!”Geodaye gritted his teeth and stomped his feet,Shout in my heart“Fight!”

Then Geodaye ran up the second floor without saying a word,Took a backpack and ran down in less than two minutes,Then he confessed to Xiaopang face。 Geodaye tells Little Fat Face,The current situation in the British Virgin Islands is complex,Especially the chubby face was hit by the fake Cui Keying just now,Now that fake Cui… Read More »