“Kid,Don’t be surprised,You are also a part of here since today。”

Main entrance,Ancient design handed down,On the five-meter-high gate are two unique charms“Tufu”Big print。 This word is not written randomly,The same as what he wrote outside the city,Have a unique mood in it,Xia Chenglong's eyes are on it,Then the spirit of the real person is sucked into it。 That is an endless mountain,A man carrying an… Read More »

The figure of that person keeps appearing in her mind,Dislike from the beginning,To the back,The man obviously left a very deep impression in her heart。

His strength and fearlessness,Let Miss Dewei not give in,Also secretly gave birth to a certain admiration。 and so,After learning that the man was killed by a rocket fire,Miss Devi's mood is extremely low。 Although she knows,The existence of that man,For the entire Myanmar senior,Including the Miaomei family,Is a great threat,He will end up like this,Is… Read More »

Bao Yuqing speaks on behalf of the Bao family,This remark,Suddenly attracted the attention of the audience。

“Don't hide,The priest has sent two major disciples,To get rid of evil on Hong Kong Island,I believe news will come back soon,That man is evil,It's time for retribution。”Bao Yuqing is eloquent。 “The wicked man Yuqing said is?”Someone nearby couldn't help but ask。 Many people present were confused,I don't know who the evil of Hong Kong… Read More »

Long Ba, who saw the situation first, reminded,About fifty rounds of rapid fire,Did not kill any targets,Only scratched Robinson’s combat performance,It’s shameful to be in the Dragon Group!

Saw signs of failure,Just feel aggrieved,Always considered the best,In front of Ragon,Seem a little weak。 “Is it uncomfortable?!This is what I learned in your China,Don't give up what you are good at!” Rajon laughed,It also blocked all Long Ba and their escape routes,Want to go?Absolutely impossible! ------------ Chapter Four Hundred and Sixty Four select Ragon… Read More »

This is about to tear the skin to see the truth!Wang Shaoxiao’s face is a bit heavy,He also thought that Lu Menglin just called to bluff people on purpose。

The students present changed their minds for a moment,All figured out the key points。 Tong Lei is a native of Shenzhen,It's normal for him to have a car at home,But Wang Shaoxiao is a foreigner,His fellow villagers are also outsiders,How come there are cars in the deep city?So that kid must have been bluffing just… Read More »

Qin Feng and Jiang Yan returned to Dongcheng

When the mood is very low。Jiang Yan and Wang Mengmeng are actually the same。Because their good friend Su Rou didn't come back with him。 Simultaneously,A sense of frustration has been permeating this small circle of three people。 Qin Feng felt that the frustration was because there was not enough combat power to overwhelm the people… Read More »

Be responsible forAMCDavid at the Institute of Automotive Engineering·Bryson is such a clever person,He immediately said:“boss,We got it,You speak,What do we need to do?AsLexusChief designer,What do you say,What we do。”

That's right! Chen Geng nodded in satisfaction,Said:“LexusCore,Is to make a sufficiently precise and precise、Must be quiet enough during operation、Smooth enough engine,The technical content of this engine must be high enough,Gentlemen of the Power Engineering Department,You only have one year at most。” ———————————— PS:Brothers sorry,Please wait a few minutes。 In that case,AMCAs soon as possibleLexusBe ahead… Read More »

After Luo Chen heard Li Yiyi’s account,Suddenly said,He thought that the sun would be such a powerful thing,It can only make living beings feel warm?

Isn't that equivalent to a stove??Which is bigger than the stove,So that all creatures can feel warm,And that Haoyue,What poetry?Mostly it looks pretty。 Isn't it equivalent to a beautiful jade pendant??Luo Chen felt disappointed at the moment,Fortunately, he thought that the rising sun and Haoyue mentioned by the master Jingtian were some amazing things。 Otherwise,… Read More »

After two months,He knew that Haruko Miyamoto must be in bad condition,Even the worst is that her life is gone。

“Ugh,Haruko has no worries about her life。But now they are afraid that even their life is not guaranteed。Miyamoto's line is still decisive.。of course,Some other branches actually have trouble,Otherwise, the people on Haruko's side won't even say that they don't even have the security of life.。” Futian feels bad too,In fact, Haruko was picked up by… Read More »

First1040chapter Hug yourself,Is there a problem?

There is no way to control thinking,Chen Geng sighed,Asked little MacDonald:“What is McDonnell Douglas' largest annual production capacity?You know,I'm not talking about that40frame。” Since Chen Geng has said so,Little Macdonald said honestly:“52frame,No way more。” 52The racks are not too few,Chen Geng nodded,Asked again:“Where is the supplier?What is the maximum annual supply of flat tail and… Read More »