Suddenly the wind broke above my head,Feel a powerful sword,Thought it was Zhu Huiwei's sneak attack again。 “Flick!” Li Zhen still popped up the spiral pill last time,Then I know that this time helix pill was suddenly split into two when it hit the knife,Wind disappears。 “Zhu Huiwei's sword spirit is so powerful,Did he just… Read More »

For a time,They pointed around the two men,The people around also gathered,Talk a lot。

gradually,More and more people。Two men molested the beauty but got kicked,Still being watched by so many people、fling in teeth,I want to dig a hole on the beach to bury myself。 When Ji Yunfeng arrived,See this scene from afar,Get nervous instantly。That's where Yushi is located,He worried about what happened to Yushi,Hurriedly ran over。 Wait for him… Read More »

Since writing dragon,Must have a lot to do with the dragon legend,But at this time Xia Jian was in the mood to study these things。Looking at a small restaurant on the side of the road,Xia Jian walked in,Took seven or eight hours in the car,He is indeed hungry。

An old man in his fifties is dozing off on the bench in the shop,When he saw Xia Jian,Asked in a cold voice:“Eat??“ “Ok!What kind of food?”Xia Jian said,Sat down。 The old man heard that Xia Jian was going to eat,Smile on my face,He smiled and said:“Fried noodles,Braised Noodles,Noodles,Stir-fry”The old man said,Finger on the wall。… Read More »

But for a top powerhouse like Wright。。。The rules often serve them。Even the Puppet City Lord who initiated this mission,It’s impossible to ignore this task。Although this seven-star mission cost more than ten trillion source stones,However, as the lord of the city, he can reimburse part of it,not to mention,Spend ten trillion source stones and make friends with Wright,Not a loss to him。

For Wright,He doesn't care about the income of ten trillion source stones,In either the physical plane or the highest plane,To a certain extent,It doesn't make much sense to increase。After all, on the material plane,God cannot be bought with gold coins,In the highest plane,The source stone can't buy the main artifact,Can't buy the Lord Godhead。 Of… Read More »

Chen Xiu is not surprised about Chiba Fruit,What surprised him was the method that Gu Rimou made out of thin air.,Blurt out:“Space bag!”

“Space bag?” Gu Rimou reacted instantly,Take out a small pocket that looks like an ancient money bag,Said with a smile:“This is Yazi Bag,Of course, it's not bad to call it space bag in the current civilized name。Your kid is unclear about other things,I know this kind of treasure!” Chen Xiu was curious to reach out… Read More »

And looking at it all,at this time,Wang Teng didn’t feel it at all,What’s wrong with this look。

And seeing these,Now,Wang Teng is one step forward。 “All right,Now words,In fact, let's not entangle these problems for the time being。” “Now that it's confirmed,Deal with these things properly,I think,Next,It's better to start quickly。” Looks at Wang Teng,Such a thing,Is indeed the top priority。 If you can't solve it properly,After all,There are still some problems。… Read More »

“No,I think your breakup is a waste,Changing positions can add a lot of rich tactics to the team。”

“Ok,I agree!”Zhang Song actually knows how to play with scouts and riders,Changing the location will not have much impact。 “Shunzi's recent tremendous progress can be felt by everyone,No need to change the position of the sniper。” “Thank you,God Lu!”Shunzi breathed a sigh of relief。 “Zhao Ping,Strong sense of responsibility and overall view,Suitable role for medics。”… Read More »

This night,Wang Youcai hardly sleeps。He pricked his ears and listened to the door,For fear of hearing someone knock on the door。It’s not light the next day,He and Tian Wa went to Yao Chunni’s house。

When Li Lanxiang heard that Wang Youcai had found her a dishwashing job in the city,A few hundred yuan a month。She's happy,Stay at home anyway,She looked upset when Wang Youcai and Yao Chunni were stuck together,It's better to be out of sight and out of mind。 Li Lanxiang packed a few clothes very refreshingly,So he… Read More »


Lin's group spirit is not very strong,Directly by this. ------------ Chapter Two Hundred and Seventy:Soul collision,Extra large package! “Qiang Qiang!” Suzaku crowing up to the sky,Sparrow God Flame soars wildly,Towards the blood seal。 “Bloody battle!” Blood seal drank coldly,Fist Shadow appeared in midair,Smashed the sparrow flames above,Attacked Suzaku fiercely。 “Qian!” Suzaku crying,Its power is tied… Read More »

Must stay away from here,Find a safe place to recover as soon as possible,Now both Zhang Zhiqiang and the instructors are looking for him all over the world,Except for Luo Jun and Shen Yingjie,No one would easily believe him。

Along the valley bottom,You just walked out of half a mile,The phone that Li Tianchou just seized got an incoming call,Is a strange number,He found a hidden place,Look around,Just pressed the answer button。 “Walker,where is it?”The instructor's eager voice came from the microphone,No temptation,Straightforward,It can be seen how nervous he is after reading the text… Read More »