He was the immortal strong man‘Water’For children。

And still a living immortal,The dead immortality has left more treasures to the disciple,But the living immortal personally guided his disciples,Especially for disciples who are very similar to themselves,The effect is far beyond the guidance of intelligent life like Babata---After all, in practice,Intelligent life Babata can only tell according to experience,But an immortal teacher can… Read More »

Li Tianchou stood up,Turn around and leave。

“Hey,Sick you?”Shen Yingjie quickly put down his chopsticks,I want to reach out and hold Li Tianchou,But I got nothing,Hurriedly rushed to the lads nearby to wink。 But what expected Li Tianchou to be extremely fast,Suddenly a few steps rushed out of the restaurant in the service area,The four lads of the five big and three… Read More »

“Oh?When it’s critical, it’s also a decisive person to survive with a broken arm.,I admire tight。”Great Asura God strokes his palm and admires,Then he pointed his finger at the small porcelain bottle again,“Could it be that this bottle is all congenital soil?”

“Exactly。”Although Li Tianzhen is outspoken,,But the expressions and movements are obviously nervous and uncomfortable,There seems to be very jealous of the scorching eyes of the Great Asura God,I almost took the small porcelain bottle back。 Great Shura sees it,Nodded secretly,There should be no major problems with his previous judgment,Although there is someone behind this kid,But… Read More »

Dark sky,Zhu Minglang suddenly disappeared into everyone’s sight,Look up,I can only see that the curtain is falling down for some reason,Gives people a sense of pressure that is difficult to breathe。

“Sky Screen Sword!” High-pitched voice from the air,The dark sky actually collapsed in an instant,Huo Shangjun in the Tomb Mountain、Pu Hanrong、He Qingqian、Zhao Chen、Fu Xumei、Ye Guang and others are even more horrified。 At the lost wall、People on the tower,The picture I saw was just Zhu Minglang falling down with a sword,Although amazing,But they can't feel the… Read More »

Xia Jianyi listen,This is indeed a good thing,But the newly opened bank is young after all,Risks are inevitable,So Xia Jian smiled and said:“Manager An!You can think about the group everywhere,This makes me very touched,But the newly opened bank,We still have to be careful“

“President Xia, rest assured,I will only loan for the time being,The risk will not be big。As for the future,Wait until the time is up“An Demin smiled and said。 Xia Jian nodded and said:“it is good!You have to grasp this size,If you can't do the Lord's things for a while,You have to find Mr. Xiao。And promotion,I… Read More »

Luo said a little bit:“understand!Let’s go back quickly!You drive so long,Must be exhausted”Luo Yi said,I sniffed the flowers in my arms。

Xia Jian dragged two suitcases from the car,Then one hand dragged one,Strode towards home。Okay,There was no one from Xiping Village on the road。 When I opened my door and walked in,Sun Yuejuan, who was about to have dinner for me, saw that her son came back with a beautiful woman,She was stunned。 Xia Zecheng, standing… Read More »

It’s not the first time Chen Xiu killed someone,The mercenaries who died in his hands are even more so he does not remember how many people there were,But never killed innocents。

This person was killed by a single blow without seeing clearly.,I can't help but feel guilty。 Chen Xiu faced the man's body,Hands together,Silently:“This big brother……Uncle,I didn't mean to kill you,In this situation, whoever encounters this situation is not a sword……Dust to dust、Soil return,I buried you well,Don't sue me when you get to Yan Wangye!” Chen… Read More »

With brain-computer chip, brainwave input can be achieved,Projected virtual keyboard can support keyboard input,Used to the current mobile phone,It can also be directly projected into an electronic screen,Swipe input directly,Equipped with a miniature microphone,You can talk to Xiaozhi directly,Very convenient。

------------ 537 Someone cheated Macro and micro、Infinite and infinitely small,There is often a surprising unity。 For the current industrial civilization,I want to make big things and tiny things,Are extremely difficult。 The former such as aircraft carrier、Such as various types of aircraft,The latter such as chips。 Both also need the guidance of various physical theories,The former… Read More »

The arrival of Xia Jian,Surprised the staff on duty at the breeding plant,They thought,Maybe something big happened,Or it’s midnight,How did the two village heads come to the farm。

In Xia Sanhu's office,Xia Sanhu,Song Fang and Chen Erniu,The three of them looked nervous,Zhao Hong's face is a little relaxed,But sitting silently。 “Are you dumb??Can you speak,Who put in the self-proclaimed reporter?”Xia Jian patted the table,Very loud。 Song Fang glanced at Xia Jian secretly,Whispered:“It's like this in the factory now,Let's not investigate this first,Put all… Read More »

First0669chapter Great news

Pingyang Town is finally relieved,But Ouyang Hong is still resting at home。She also figured it out,Not let her go to work,She doesn't ask others,I've been busy for so long anyway,It's time to take a good rest,She even wants to goGZXia Jian。 this day,He received a call from Secretary Wang of the Municipal Party Committee,Said she… Read More »