Zhao Luo turned around without saying anything,Back to my office,Press the internal phone on the desk,Fang Na got up and walked to Zhao Luo’s office,Knocked on the door and walked in,Standing in front of Zhao Luo。

“Manager Zhao,Come to me?”Fang Na asked deliberately,Smile on face。 “I don't want to be this boss,enough,You should find someone else。”Zhao Luo sternly。 Fang Na knows that Zhao Luo is going to lose her temper again,Just walk over and close the door,“What's wrong with you??Starting a company is a joke?I invest so much money,You say quit?”She… Read More »

“OK,OK,We will soon give you。”

Feeling that Li Hui Feng doesn't have a cold against himself.,Liu Yan is also very smart and fast transfer topic。 And high promotion is a time next to Liu Yan, but it is difficult to retreat.,Nor,Not gone。 “Hey-hey,High total,This white paper is written here.,Are you buying ten villas?? Still directly transfer to me five million,I… Read More »

In competition,What happened。

Or let the other party accidentally fall into the hands of the villains,Is also an uncontrollable thing,Even if Zhu Minglang really has any background,I can't find myself in trouble。 This is the insult,Endure it first! Yan Xu glanced around,Indeed, many guests are already watching here。 “Zhu Minglang,Eat more grapes,I'm afraid there will be no chance… Read More »

《Basic vomiting》It is the more common internal strength in the arena,After the warrior finishes forging,You can start to practice this exercise。

Through constant tuna meditation,Bleed into the body,In the end, the fake becomes true,The first ray of true energy is condensed in Dantian Qihai,So as to truly step into the acquired period。 For ordinary warriors,Basic vomiting is very important。 But Wang Hong has made up his mind to go from the outside to the inside,Enter the… Read More »

Xia Jian thought,He really can’t stay in this place,What if a young man or Xiongji comes back again??Didn’t he escape from the tiger’s mouth and enter the wolf’s mouth again??

“Can't help it,I'll give you money”Xia Jian said,Took out a fifty yuan bill and handed it to the fat woman。 Fat woman taking money,I also yawned and said:“Just close the door when you leave”After talking, she twisted her ass and left first,She might not sleep well either,Hurry back now,Maybe to make up for sleep。 Out… Read More »

Xia Jianyi listen,Haha smiled:“It seems that this toast is fine for not eating,But what I want to ask is,Who respects this cup,You alone,Or the four of you respect it together,Because the four of you are standing by me“

“Do you still want to ask this??The four of them must have respected it together,You didn't see that they used a small cup when they drank it themselves,I used the biggest cup when I got to you“Gu Yue stood up,Sternly。 Xia Jian is happy,He immediately smiled:“Thank you four for your wine“Xia Jian finished,Not waiting for… Read More »

Baishui Town happens to be a market day,So there are a lot of people in town。Wang Youcai didn’t look at anything else,Find a store for women to buy underwear。It’s a pity,Lap down,He found nothing。It’s not easy to ask people,Angrily,He went back to the car,In order to buy Yao Chunni a set of sexy underwear,It seems that he has to venture into the city。

I just had a conversation with Aunt Wang,Let Wang Youcai feel that his opportunity is here,A family situation like Chunni,It's only a matter of time if she doesn't cheat,No matter how long Li Lanhua's life is, she won't be able to accompany Chunni forever。 Wang Youcai is this kind of thing who doesn't want to… Read More »

“Hi!Don’t mention it。My ex-wife came back with my son,Dad is afraid I won’t come back,Lied,He said my mother was sick,Can you say i can’t be in a hurry?”Wang Youcai said,A little helplessly shook his head。

Big Ben out of the village,Speed up。Xia Jian while driving,Asked in a low voice:“Last time you took someone to beat Chen Feng madly,This matter is so overwhelming?” “What else does he want?He beat me up,I even gave him his meal。Don't think his brother is the mayor of Pingdu,But my second brother is still doing things… Read More »

Its strength,At least better than the Rampage Demon God。

He has no ethnic group,The strongest alone,Full of hostility to everything。 The body is a blood orchid,And there are eighteen tentacles like vines。Good at annihilation、Corruption and illusion。 “Really came。”Li Ming is defenseless,Was hit by a vine with corrosive power。 The blood red corrosive force penetrates into Li Ming's body along the surface。 “Zi Zi Zi~”The… Read More »