“Hello everyone。”Standing above the classroom is a chubby young man,Standing trembling,Wright is worried that he will fall at any time,This fat young man has this very rare purple hair,The round face is full of joy,“My name is big,Is a sixth-grade earth magic student,I live on Wendy Street2Dormitory,Come to me if you have any questions!Haha,There are nearly 20 new students here today,as usual,Now we invite new and old students to introduce themselves one by one,Everyone knows each other。”

All of the students immediately started to introduce themselves。 “My name is Spiegel,From the Magnolia Empire。” When I heard this boy named Spiegel introduce himself,Wright below couldn't help being surprised:“The Magnolia Empire has its own top magic school,It's also very cheap for natives,Someone actually went abroad to study,strange。” My name is carl,Locals in the Imperial… Read More »

He endured for so many years,Divorced now,No need to continue to bear it,The man he wants to kill,The first one is Wu Lusheng!

With deep hatred,Ye Boping nervously pressed the knife in the bag with his hand,Follow up step by step。 Wu Lusheng didn't look back,But to find a suitable place,Tai Chi alone,This time,The young people have gone to work,The elderly also sent their grandchildren to school,There are really not many people in the park。 exactly,There are two… Read More »

The receptionist heard the CEO of the entrepreneurial group came,Immediately took them to the office of a deputy director。In a small room,With a coffee table,A one-to-one modular sofa。The other is a big desk,Sitting behind the table is a middle-aged man in his fifties。

“Hello!President Xia,Here you are,Director Ma has asked many times,I'm Director Du who is in charge of development here,Is a deputy“Director Du greeted him warmly,He shook hands with Xia Jian,Then greet Xia Jian and Long Zhu to sit on the sofa。 Xia Jian smiled and glanced at Director Du,I saw this person of medium build,Belly bulging,Especially… Read More »

If Mr. Huangshen came to do this—It is estimated that Daojun Yuanyu himself is a bit certain to escape now。

Happy but,The secret method alone,Li Ming's strength is no less than that of Desolate God。 “Sister、Brother,And General Shan,Two elders!”Li Ming nods slightly,“Do not worry,I'll leave this barren god to me。” ------------ First7chapter Fight Tianqiongzong Wai,The god of desolation is a little uneasy。 “Is the intelligence of the eternal family wrong,That Ming Daojun doesn't care about… Read More »

A mixed surprise appeared on Hamed’s face,sad,Even a look of rejoicing:“Teacher him,Fallen?”

Ruth Hammer nodded。 Both of them,The feelings for teacher Hamlin are very complicated。 Hamlin to the Dark Vatican,Same as Ernst to the Holy See of Light。But Hamlin chose to hide in the dark,Trained two holy mages, Hamed and Rushar, as the leaders of the Dark Church,And he himself is a magician who has not taken… Read More »

Ten years,Li Ming is now 22 years old。

For ordinary practitioners,Twenty-two years old is just the age of introductory practice,It's great to be able to step into the Purple Mansion。 But for the true spirit, the essence is extremely high,For Li Ming, who can continue to recall various methods from his soul,The progress is naturally very big。 For example,His Qi refining has entered… Read More »

The more so,Actually looking at these things,At this time, Han Tianlong couldn’t help but say to him。

“All right,In fact, there is nothing to consume for the time being。” “What you want me to say,Hurry up and hand over Qiandu Building,otherwise……” Han Tianlong finished,The people around him swarmed up,A look like he wants to start fighting here anytime。 but,Say what Han Tianlong said,It seems to Wang Teng,The more I look, the more… Read More »

“Your big bad guy,I want to bully me.!”Fu Ying Snow guarded his chest,

“This is not bullied!This is called love.。” “Pooh!Your big bad guy!”Fu Ying's mouth,But it has already hurt yourself into the bedroom.。 “no,You have to wash your face!Otherwise don't let you hold!” “Follow!” the next day,Rui Rui came to the special high school to see Zhunexin, leaving the note.,Said to be a few days,After some days,… Read More »

Yunwu Doulishan was shattered by this heavy and powerful blow,Cangluan Qinglong is more like a heavenly phoenix flying into the sky,Fight the sky and face the sky。

It broke through the mountain of clouds,Turned into a scorching glaucoma sun,To evaporate the rainstorm,Use your brightest light feather as if the sun shines,Punch Qinghui fiercely through the dense rain clouds,Let the sky above this big battlefield,Regain the sunny view。 As the sun shines,The dominance of Cangluan Qinglong is far more terrifying than everyone expected。… Read More »

Took a bite of fish,Luo Xiao suddenly raised his eyes,Watching Zhu Minglang,Asked:“Since I wish my little brother will enter the Dragon Training Academy,Then do you know how long the dragon is?What is your baby,Can you summon me to see?”

Zhu Minglang looked up at him。 Do you have a brain problem,I grilled such fragrant fish,You don't enjoy food,But came to test me! It really is a psychopath。 After a few words in my heart,,Zhu Minglang keeps the same smile as before,Replied:“Why did Mr. Luo make such a joke with me?,I'm not a true Dragon… Read More »