Doubtful,Front spathest star grievances,A clustered blue ghost floating,Room or flash,Sweeping。

“Butterfly!?” Sparkling flicker is a butterfly,Lushan Ming is really aware of nothing,There must be a demon abnormally,It is indeed a strong bad spirit nearby。 I have fallen behind him.,She doesn't think of thinking sword sweeping,Turn while turning,Remove the three meters to open a safe distance。 Blue manicure column collapsed by the blade,Blue light butterfly。 谏山… Read More »

Fortunately, no problem,Xiaoyao is a little faster,Timely rushing to save people,It should not be pregnant。

“Your Mightiness,What is my teacher Li Haihai has something to make you convey?,Please tell the truth.,Don't tease me again。”Echo,Obviously anxious。 “After you become a living dead,Li Wei is looking for Yu Lingzhen to help you,She is very lucky,found it。” Inexpress,Liao Wenjie continues:“I made a transaction with her.,Yu Lingren belongs to me,At this time, I am… Read More »

If you have a good time in his heart, you are better than picking up the spring.,After all, the three people will definitely fight.,At that time he can fisher。

But now Li Hui's arrangement,It is very likely to scare away from the people in the Fan.。 It is more likely to let the other person aware of someone。 “Hey-hey,N't why,Because of this,Fan Zhong will definitely anger,At that time, you don't divide the blue saple.,I feel that we have the opportunity to eat them.。” “Um?… Read More »

First161chapter Black and white face(6/10)

Leo doesn't care if there is a problem with these Tianlong people's brains,Anyway, he didn't follow his rules,Then don't play,Watch others play well! He has so many monsters anyway,Even one Tianlongren can eat it all,What he wants to give Tianlongren is superiority,Not a monster。 The first to do it all,All six monsters have masters instantly。… Read More »

“Leaf big brother,You said that you will see it.!What owe?

Isn't my not you??” Ye Shuangzhou heard this and laughed。 If Li speaks this, he said this.,He maybe it is believed.,But now Li speaks this way.,He is not a letter at all。 “Li's brother said beautiful.,But still have to ask your opinion.。” “Hey-hey,Everything is the master,My future development direction is the winery,Wine industry。” Li Hui… Read More »

At this time,With the sound of high heels,The door of the meeting room was pushed open,A slender woman,Strode in。The long legs under her skirt are set against the flesh-colored stockings,Extraordinarily eye-catching。

The woman's long hair is draped over her shoulders,Like black silk。But Xia Jian took a look,All found that this woman is at least 37 or 18 years old。Although her complexion is great,The crow's feet around her eyes still betrayed her mercilessly。 “Oh sorry,Traffic jam on the road for a while,Does it affect everyone”This woman said,I… Read More »

“Ok!A vice president from Pingdu City came up,She is goingSHInvestigate the opening of a private hospital,I want to take someone over,By the way, the private hospital in this industrial park has been set up together。Manager Yang!I can only go first,Get together again later”

Xia Jian turned around and left。 Yang Ying smiled and said:“This is a good thing,You have to hurry up。Our factory has thousands of employees,This is also a big deal。Your private hospital opened in an industrial zone,Then this worries are gone” Yang Ying and Xia Jian are walking,Talking,She kept sending Xia Jian into the elevator,I went… Read More »

After finishing a bottle of hanging drops,When the nurse takes the temperature,The temperature has dropped to 39 degrees。When I heard my grandson’s body temperature dropped,Chen Yueqin chanted Amitabha in her excited mouth。

When a ray of light shines into the emergency room, Mavericks opened their eyes。The little guy is full of sweat on his forehead,There is even a layer of blisters on the mouth。 Xiao Niuniu saw Wang Youcai sitting next to him,He started crying。Although the voice is a bit hoarse,But can cry,This made Wang Degui's heart,A… Read More »