The country’s first commercial car road collaborative smart logistics system landing Chongqing

"5G + Intelligent Manufacturing" unmanned supply chain shared consecutive platform officially signed. China Telecom Chongqing Company is awarded the map of the People's Network on August 23, at the 2021 China International Intelligent Industry Expo, from Chongqing two-way bonded port area management committee, China Telecom Chongqing Company, Lenovo Group, Fly Lida, the "5G + Intelligent… Read More »

The 77th Group Army A brigadier is a brightening of the ridiculous exercise: Desert Ge Wall Website

Desert Ge Wall Website - Phase 77 Army A Brigadie Directance Decisions ■ Zhou Rui Hu Yonghui Jiang Zhenliang Photography Report Quickly Expand Radar Equipment. Northwestern desert, smoke is filled. Recently, the 77th Group Army A brigade has streamed the mobile phone to carry out the anti-anti-active anti-anti-action. "Southeast direction discovery goals!" The troops entered… Read More »

The Ministry of Commerce deploys the cost-effective job of life necessities such as winter spring vegetables.

People's Network Beijing November 1st (Reporter Sun Yang) Recently, the Ministry of Commerce issued the "Notice on Doing a Goodstairs Estate Estate Market and Safe" (hereinafter referred to as Notice), deploying various places to implement the party The Decision-making deployment of the State Council, ensuring sufficient supply of the people's necessities of the broad masses… Read More »

The important suggestions of the Tianjin Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarted Tips should not travel to Harbin Travel in the near future.

Original title: Recently, don't go to Harbin Travel Business reporter learned from the Epidemic Prevention and Control Command. Recently, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province reported 8 cases of native crown virus positive infection, and Harbin two places adjusted to medium-risk areas. In order to prevent the epidemic, the Tianjin Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters reminded the… Read More »

Since 2024, art majors are divided into three types of admissions

  Proficiency of social demand and high cultivation quality, the admissions, 2024, basically realizing the provincial level of art professional provincial examinations, no longer cross the provinces set up school entrance examination points to gradually improve cultural scores, reverse " The heavy professional light culture "The tendency reporter learned from the Ministry of Education on the… Read More »