Tibet Gongga County launched the 2021 national network security publicity week start day activities

On October 11th, Gongga County launched the 2021 national network security publicity week activities, focusing on the topic of network security promotion, the topic of "network security as people, network security by the people", township (town) Synchronize national network security promotion activities. This national network security publicity week will be carried out in a manner… Read More »

Two heavy documents in the cold chain logistics are willing to issue implementation to the 2025 layout to build hundred left and right back cold chain logistics bases.

  The General Office of the State Council issued "14th Five-Year" Cold Chain Logistics Development Plan. On December 13, Zhang Jiangbo, deputy director of the Ministry of Economic and Trade of the National Development and Reform Commission, revealed at the press conference of the "planning" situation, in order to promote the implementation of the "planning" mission,… Read More »

The deep high-speed rail joint test year has the opening of the operating conditions

People's Network Nanchang September 8th, this website learned from the China Railway Nanchang Bureau Group Co., Ltd. that on the day, the Shenzhong high-speed rail Jiangxi section entered the joint training stage, marking the opening operation of this railway to open a step. According to reports, the railway department will use the test train, integrated… Read More »

The red taxation in the series of micro-recorders "

  The red taxation in the five-episode series micrographic "file" completed by the State Administration of Taxation Shanxi Provincial Taxation Bureau recently met with the audience. Screenshot of the Red Tax in Micro Video "Archives" screenshot. According to reports, since 2021, in order to promote party history education, the Shanxi Provincial Department of Taxation, the party… Read More »

The province’s high-risk organism insurance work TV conference

Original title: Ren Zhenhe emphasizes efforts to resolve the risk of resolving the insurance and resolutely curb the incremental risk efforts to promote economic and financial, benign, healthy development, high-risk institutions, hitting, high-risk, tv, high-risk, China Convened. Governor, provincial, in-depth promotion of high-risk institutional insurance work leading group, head, Ren Zhenhe speaking, to deepen General… Read More »

Tianjin Beichen Court issued the first personal safety protection order in Beichen District

Recently, Tianjin Beichen District People's Court issued the first personal safety protection order in Beichen District. Since the parties filed an application to the end of the review, Yixing Tribunal's commitment to the Judge Liu Wei made a personal safety protection ruling within 24 hours, and promptly safeguard the personal safety and personality dignity of… Read More »

Tips! Receive express during "Double Eleven", protective measures should be done

People's Network Xining On November 9th, the Internet is learned from Xining City Xinguan Pneumonia Epidemic Anti-Control Processing Work Command, recently, and China has repeatedly detected that some of the new crown virus test results are positive, and the national province emergency investigates. Some netizens caussed the health code to become yellow due to contact… Read More »

There is a kind of life, called Chrysanthemum – Learn Xu Meikuo’s Advanced Deeds Experience

  A fresh water river, flowing through the 9 towns and towns of Daoofu, nourishing the children of the 19338 square kilometers of the motherland; a Kangba man, with the full enthusiasm of building a hometown, returning to the magnificent plateau, and also dedicated himself Life, like a fire ... Chrysamo, deputy secretary, vast principal, a… Read More »