Is there any contraindication to emphysema diet?

Is there any contraindication to emphysema diet?

Pulmonary diseases caused by emphysema cause irreversible damage, so patients with emphysema must aggravate the factors that cause pulmonary emphysema in daily life. Therefore, in daily diet, patients with emphysema can’t eat anything.Let us introduce the experts to you.

What are the contraindications for emphysema diet? 1. Avoid irritating foods. Avoid spicy foods such as peppers, onions, garlic, and wine. Because of stimulation of the tracheal mucosa, it will aggravate cough, asthma, palpitations and other symptoms, and induce fatigue.Do not eat.

2, avoid the fish caused by the non-steaming of the sea bream, because the oil is too large, it is easy to cause the fire, but also should eat less large yellow croaker, fish, shrimp, crab and fat meat, etc.Help the fire to grow.

3, to avoid eating angry foods such as sweet potatoes, leeks, etc., because it is unfavorable to lung gas, should eat more alkaline foods.

Patients with emphysema must pay attention to these aspects in their daily diet. Do not aggravate the emphysema caused by diet, but also pay attention to other aspects of care to reduce the occurrence of emphysema. The most important thing isIt is the right choice to go to the hospital to receive treatment in a timely manner.