Climbing stairs easily

Climbing stairs easily

The initial breathing frequency and pulse rate will be completely accelerated when climbing stairs, which will greatly enhance the human body’s breathing, strengthen the heart and the function of the vascular system.

  Due to the acceleration of work and the accelerated pace of life, many people have given up exercising.

But climbing stairs is a new form of bodybuilding exercise.

Especially in middle-aged people, due to the relatively reduced activity, if you can often go up and down the stairs, you can increase coronary blood flow and help prevent coronary heart disease.

  Speaking of which, when climbing the stairs, his body will inevitably lean forward, including hand swings and strides, which can strengthen the muscles and ligaments of the lower limbs, maintain the expansion and contraction of the lower foot joints, and enhance visceral function.

The initial breathing frequency and pulse rate will be completely accelerated when climbing stairs, which will greatly enhance the human body’s breathing, strengthen the heart, and the function of the vascular system.

  Did you know that the United States has held stair-climbing competitions every year since 1978 in the Empire State Building, which is 449 meters high and has 102 floors? Even 62-year-olds are willing to participate.

Its best results have been included in the Guinness Book of Records.

It is no wonder that some people abroad have long called the beneficial activities of climbing stairs “the king of sports”.

  According to the measurement of a sports medical scientist, the volume consumed by a person ascending 1 meter is equivalent to walking 28 meters.

Its energy consumption is 10 times that of sitting, 5 times of walking, and 1 of running.

8 times when swimming, 2 times when swimming, and 1 when playing table tennis.

3 times, 1 when playing tennis.

4 times.

If you run 2-3 times up and down the 6-story stairs, it is equivalent to jogging 800-1500 meters on flat ground.

  It can be seen that the intensity of the exercise of stair climbing.

It’s just that perseverance in climbing stairs is the only way to get results.

Climbing stairs like mountain climbing does have a great fitness function. If you can do climbing activities often, it should be said to be very lucky.

However, not everyone has such superior exercise conditions.

However, if you are lucky to move to a new building, you can experience living in high-rise buildings and climbing stairs, which is really an implant training method for living at home.

Interestingly, the elderly can extend their life expectancy by 4 seconds per step of stairs.

If an older person climbs 5,000 stairs a week or 714 a day, it is equivalent to going up and down three times on a 6-story building. This will extend life by one more year for every 30 years.

It’s no wonder that the “stair climbing fever” has quickly risen in many countries around the world.

  For women to get slim, climbing stairs is an alternative to losing weight.

A woman with a weight of 40 weighs 200 calories for going up the stairs for 10 minutes, and just 1/3 of the calories going down for the stairs.

It usually consumes 4 times more energy than walking up stairs and 29% more than running in the morning.

A fat woman, if she lives on the third floor and walks up and down 5-6 times a day, she loses three times her weight within a year.

It seems that climbing stairs is also helpful for retinal obesity.

  An American lady always drives to work in a garage.

And as soon as I arrived, I went up the elevator and never went anywhere outside the workshop.

Later, in order to find ways to recover from the lack of exercise, she began to consciously leave the elevator from the two floors below the workplace, so that she could climb the stairs every morning and noon to complete the rest of the journey. Finally, she finally received satisfactory weight lossGreat beauty, the expected effect of fitness.

It is clear that for obese people, climbing stairs is indeed a wise move.