Retreat distance,Xia Chenglong saw the gap in the blade of Remnant Zanglong,In addition to distressed or distressed。

Had already suffered a lot of injuries,Now it was ruthlessly destroyed,I’m really ashamed。
When I got it,The words of Taoist Qinglong seem to be forgotten。
The Eight Spear Spider King was completely angered,This is the anger from the source,Because someone challenged its authority。
I wanted to use normal methods to solve the opponent,It doesn’t seem to work now!
In that case,Let’s do something more fierce!
Just when the opponent started charging Xia Chenglong,This world starts to change color again。
“Everything fades!”
This kind of silent power appears,So the eight-spear spider king that had run wildly stopped at a certain time,It doesn’t even know what happened。
No sound,But can feel the pain of the other party in this absolute realm。
An unfounded emotion,It seems that two different shocks are being pierced。
There is a black thing trying to break free from the body of the Eight Spear Spider King。