The figure of that person keeps appearing in her mind,Dislike from the beginning,To the back,The man obviously left a very deep impression in her heart。

His strength and fearlessness,Let Miss Dewei not give in,Also secretly gave birth to a certain admiration。
and so,After learning that the man was killed by a rocket fire,Miss Devi’s mood is extremely low。
Although she knows,The existence of that man,For the entire Myanmar senior,Including the Miaomei family,Is a great threat,He will end up like this,Is also expected。
Before he was willing to let the powerful people leave the Valley of the Gods,Instead of controlling and using them,It’s already destined to be like this result。
“Ugh!You are just a fool!Although he’s a strong kind of fool!”Miss De Wei said silently in her heart,Then barely smiled,But this glass of Chinese wine,But I’m not in the mood to drink it anyway。
at this time,There were sharp eyes at the banquet,Saw the Cobra helicopter flying from a distance。
“Look,That’s the cobra!That’s the model!Too mighty!”Someone shouted。
The guests looked up,Sure enough, I saw a mighty and domineering cobra gunship flying in this direction。
Mao Yongfei, the commander of the Royal Guards, couldn’t help frowning,Because he did not arrange for the war machine to fly over the manor,Although doing this,Can give the most powerful and powerful people present the most direct shock,Let them increase their confidence in the royal family,More willing to be loyal。
Prince Yu Xunye also saw this cobra,As heir to the royal family,A qualified political animal,A keen sense of opportunity,What he is best at is to take all the opportunities before him,Are transformed into nutrients that enhance their strength and influence。
“Everybody,Please see!This one that appears in the sky now is the famous Cobra fighter,Our brave royal guards use this fighter,Successfully killed that demon,Bring lasting peace to our lives!”
“Let’s toast again,Pay tribute to the fighters that guard us,Tribute to our heroic Janitor!”Prince Yu Xunye’s voice is very inflammatory,He is a born careerist,Never let go of any chance to build momentum for yourself。
Hundreds of heavyweight guests present raised their glasses to salute,The guards of the royal guards around them are all standing tall.,A look like You Rongyan。
At this moment,The cobra in the sky is flying closer and closer,Has come over the manor。
At this moment,Many people have seen the scars on the fuselage,There are empty weapon launchers,obviously,This fighter plane should have just experienced an uphill battle。