“No,I think your breakup is a waste,Changing positions can add a lot of rich tactics to the team。”

“Ok,I agree!”Zhang Song actually knows how to play with scouts and riders,Changing the location will not have much impact。
“Shunzi’s recent tremendous progress can be felt by everyone,No need to change the position of the sniper。”
“Thank you,God Lu!”Shunzi breathed a sigh of relief。
“Zhao Ping,Strong sense of responsibility and overall view,Suitable role for medics。”
“Uh uh,I will work hard to learn a new career!”Zhao Ping heard Lu Yi praise him,Are you embarrassed,Quickly accept a new job assignment。
“Wait a minute,If Xiao Zhao is a medical soldier,Excuse me, I am also a medical soldier,right?”Guo Yinzhe interjected。
“Is not,You are not a medic……”Lu Yi smiled。
“Which position do you play??”Guo Yinzhe puzzled,He might choose a character with ugly characters。
“Boss Guo’s technical feature is less death,The most suitable profession is a mechanic,But you should change your weapon……”
“What to replace?”
“Sniper rifle!”
Lu Yi threw out a pair of Wang Bo who can blow Guo Yinzhe into tears。