If Mr. Huangshen came to do this—It is estimated that Daojun Yuanyu himself is a bit certain to escape now。

Happy but,The secret method alone,Li Ming’s strength is no less than that of Desolate God。
“Sister、Brother,And General Shan,Two elders!”Li Ming nods slightly,“Do not worry,I’ll leave this barren god to me。”
First7chapter Fight
Tianqiongzong Wai,The god of desolation is a little uneasy。
“Is the intelligence of the eternal family wrong,That Ming Daojun doesn’t care about Tianqiong Sect at all,Or don’t have the guts to come?”
“Or,His escape technique is slower than expected,Can’t come back here for a short time!”
Mr. Huangshen knows very well,That little guy in the world,The eternal race attaches great importance。
Eternal speculation,Over 70% grasp the strength of Ming Daojun to reach the edge level of the powerful line Daojun and Dao,And it is very strong in this level。30% sure,The opponent’s strength is comparable to the top Daojun。
And the other party dared to appear publicly,Should be assured of life。
Such strength,He is not absolutely sure to defeat him from the front。
Unexpected,A wave of volatility。
Huangshen Daojun’s eyes turned to Tianqiong Sect。