“Ok!A vice president from Pingdu City came up,She is goingSHInvestigate the opening of a private hospital,I want to take someone over,By the way, the private hospital in this industrial park has been set up together。Manager Yang!I can only go first,Get together again later”

Xia Jian turned around and left。
Yang Ying smiled and said:“This is a good thing,You have to hurry up。Our factory has thousands of employees,This is also a big deal。Your private hospital opened in an industrial zone,Then this worries are gone”
Yang Ying and Xia Jian are walking,Talking,She kept sending Xia Jian into the elevator,I went back to my room。
Xia Jian left the hotel,So I took a taxi back to Yijuyuan。As soon as he walked into the office,Lin Wei walked over,She whispered:“President Xia!Mr. Guan is here,Upstairs in your office”
“it is good!You call dragon ball,Let her hurry back,I have something to discuss with her”
Xia Jian said,So he hurried upstairs。
Guan Tingna saw that Xia Jian was here,And stood up from the sofa happily。She smiled and said:“I just chatted with Lin Wei,She said that the industrial park in Bucheon opened today,Large scale”
“Ok!not bad。I invited a reporter from the provincial newspaper。Results Provincial TV Station and Bucheon TV Station,And related reporters from Bucheon City Daily。This report,The impact will be great”
Xia Jian said happily,And sat down beside Guan Tingna。
Guan Tingna nodded,Suddenly lowered his voice and asked:“I heard Lin Wei say that Wang Lin is back?Is this true?You mentioned it last time,I thought you were just talking”
“She did come back,And also brought 300 million yuan to buy shares。The purpose is to win two major projects for shantytown reconstruction in Bucheon……”
“Your purpose is not just this, right?”
Guan Tingna interrupted Xia Jian,Asked emotionally。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“you’re right,Our purpose is to rebuild the entrepreneurial group。But the controlling shareholder is no longer her Xiao Xiao,It’s me Xia Jian,Wang Lin and Xiao Xiao joined as shareholders。This is our true purpose”
“Humph!You toss and toss,Didn’t I go back to Bucheon again?。Don’t you care about that big stall in Pingdu?”
Guan Tingna glanced at Xia Jian a little unhappy。
Xia Jian couldn’t help reaching out and patted Guan Tingna’s shoulder lightly.:“how come?I said,My roots are in Pingdu。Our business needs to grow bigger and bigger,Pingdu is a small place after all。But Bucheon is different。When the group company here is established,My focus is still flat city”
What Xia Jian said,Guan Tingna’s face slowly began to smile。
Just when the two of them were chatting,Dragon Ball quickly walked into Xia Jian’s office。Not waiting for her to speak,Xia Jian stood up and said:“Prepare to go with Mr. GuanSH,Let’s talk about opening a private hospital。As for what information is needed,You should talk to Mr. Guan!”