“Take it off is full of muscles,Wearing it on is skinny brother,This.”

At this time, many girls look at Wang Mengmeng’s eyes differently:This Nizi,I thought it was just a cute new,I didn’t expect to pick and eat like this。
Wang Mengmeng was confused,I don’t know what happened to these girls。
According to the navigation,Qin Feng and others came to an escape room with the theme of an abandoned hospital in the city。
The fun part of escape room is in combination with some ghost stories or murder cases。This will give people a sense of mystery and fear。
Whether the brain can function in this emotion is still a test。
“how,Scared?”When standing at the store door, I feel that there is a gloomy inside,Liang Qing thinks Qin Feng is definitely scared,So can’t help but tease。
Of course Qin Feng is not afraid,But he found someone he knew standing at the door。
“Zhang Ting?”Actually Qin Feng is not sure,After all, he only met Zhang Ting once,I saw this one at the charity dinner in Beixiong last time,At that time this person came to talk。
“Yo,Qin Feng?”
really,Zhang Ting recognized Qin Feng。
Qin Feng ignored those in the next moment“Kids”Chatted with Zhang Ting,“You too?”
“I am the boss here,Didn’t I tell you,I was exiled here by the family。This shop is one of the chain stores,So take a look。how,You have time to bring so many friends to play?Give you a discount?”
Qin Feng touched his chin when he heard this,“No need for discount,Just give something cheating。”
Qin Feng wanted to see if he didn’t dare to say that he would win the IQ competition。But Zhang Ting is,Give the switch password and you can pass all the way。