Long Ba, who saw the situation first, reminded,About fifty rounds of rapid fire,Did not kill any targets,Only scratched Robinson’s combat performance,It’s shameful to be in the Dragon Group!

Saw signs of failure,Just feel aggrieved,Always considered the best,In front of Ragon,Seem a little weak。
“Is it uncomfortable?!This is what I learned in your China,Don’t give up what you are good at!”
Rajon laughed,It also blocked all Long Ba and their escape routes,Want to go?Absolutely impossible!
Chapter Four Hundred and Sixty Four select
Ragon seems to be reminding them,But it’s not kind,There is also a hint of sarcasm in his eyes。
The members of the dragon group were silent,Not as good as others,Listening to Lagon speaks is a torture。
But what Lagon said is not pleasant,But it also reminded them invisibly,The three of them are obviously best at secretly sneaking,theniBeheading,But now why is it a face-to-face collision??
Like what Rajon said,Several people were indeed led by Rajon,And gave up what he was best at。
But speaking of sneaking,Long Ba suddenly became strange,From sneaking in to touching in to find Evincent and them,But until a few of them appeared in front of Evincent,Recall the look in their eyes,It seems that I knew that the three of my own would be there。
No time to study how Evincent and the others would be a prophet,But Long Ba also has the attitude of breaking the jar。
“Two,We all said not to abandon or to give up,But what I want to say today is,In order to convey the news back,Run as fast as you can!”
Smile,Long Ba gave Long Jiu and Long Eleven the last profile。