Since writing dragon,Must have a lot to do with the dragon legend,But at this time Xia Jian was in the mood to study these things。Looking at a small restaurant on the side of the road,Xia Jian walked in,Took seven or eight hours in the car,He is indeed hungry。

An old man in his fifties is dozing off on the bench in the shop,When he saw Xia Jian,Asked in a cold voice:“Eat??“
“Ok!What kind of food?”Xia Jian said,Sat down。
The old man heard that Xia Jian was going to eat,Smile on my face,He smiled and said:“Fried noodles,Braised Noodles,Noodles,Stir-fry”The old man said,Finger on the wall。
Xia Jian discovered,A piece of red paper is posted on the wall,The names of various dishes are written on it,Maybe it took too long to post,Smoked,Not look carefully,Can’t tell at all。
“Where can I get fried noodles?!Larger amount,I will give you more money”Xia Jian said with a smile。Unfamiliar,He has to be a low-key man,Xia Jian still understands this。
There is a thermos in the restaurant,Xia Jian opened the lid and took a look,See some water inside,So I found a clean bowl,I poured some water and started drinking,This is the countryside,It’s not comparable to the city。
Xia Jian was drinking water,When thinking about where to stay at night,A woman in her forties came in,This woman is tall,Although it’s a little fatter,But the looks are pretty good。
“From outside?”The woman glanced at Xia Jian,Asked softly。
Xia Jian nodded and said:“Yes”
Which old man’s noodles have been fried right now,He brought it out,I saw this woman,Said with a smile:“His fat sister,Nose so long,I just sat down,You rushed over“
“You dead old man,Can you speak?This business is for everyone,You opened a restaurant,I run a hotel,This bridge goes back to the bridge,There is no contradiction between each other,Why are you so careful?“
The fat woman gave the old man a white glance,Twisted and sat on the stool beside Xia Jian。The old man put the fried noodles in front of Xia Jian:“You taste,Say nothing“