Li Tianchou turned and stared at Xiao Song,“Can the trip to the Northwest work??”

Xiao Song has been silent,The pale complexion became paler,Now that I have chosen a position,It would be difficult for her to face Li Tianchou calmly。When the mountain breeze comes,The rain drops,Zhu Lei feels that his hands holding incense are a little sour,But Xiao Song didn’t answer the words。
“understood,Take care!”Li Tianchou left sadly,After climbing over the small soil slope, he stood silently in front of Uncle Hai’s tomb for a while,When you are about to leave,But saw You Shilong and Qi Baozhu。
The three stood still for a while,Li Tianchou spoke up first,“I thought I had no chance to talk a few words,Your brother is so busy now。”
“Busy with wool,Just find a sustenance。”You Shilong doesn’t know where to speak,Only half joking,“Headed,This is anxious to leave?”
“Find Uncle Qin in the village,Then just go。”Li Tianchou nodded。
“Unpleasant things,Don’t worry about it,Do everything。”
“Thank you。I want to entrust my brother with something。”
“Just say。”
“Help take care of Xiao Song,Keep her well。”Li Tianchou thinks a bit,Again,“my number,Qi Baozhuyou,Just in case。”
You Shilong frowned,He knows what Yuxing is doing now,He also knows what happened two days after Li Tianchou came back,But I never expected that the other party’s words would be so negative and serious,Could it be that Yuxing can really get there?
But the signs are really bad,You Shilong has long been holding an invisible attitude,Not wandering around,Just drag the captain to visit famous mountains,The beautiful name is seeking immortality,In fact, it’s also relaxing and paralyzing myself,After all, Yuxing is also his root,No matter what,I want to control and I have nowhere to start,All dead brothers,Who will use the knife?
But Li Tianchou’s words are undoubtedly a big hit,You Shilong was in a cold sweat unconsciously,“Headed,Things are not that far, right?”
“Take precautions。”Li Tianchou accidentally explained too much。
“it is good,I promise you,I’m always swimming,Guarantee that Xiao Song’s girl is safe。”
“Thank you。”Li Tianchou smiled slightly,“Take care of both of you。”After that, I went down the mountain alone,I never looked at Zhu Lei from beginning to end。
Chapter five hundred and forty one Seek the old way
‘Kiwi’Uncle Qin hasn’t appeared in the village for more than a month,Li Tianchou returned disappointed,Drove the car directlySZThe view of Liuyun in the eastern suburbs of the city,This is the last unfinished business of his trip,I hope Master Baiyun can come back。
Li Tianchou’s trip back to Fushan was quite unsuccessful,The most sad thing is not fulfilling the promise,But everyone has their own persistence,He can understand,I will never blame Xiao Song,Just deeply worried about the future Yuxing chaos。