“Your big bad guy,I want to bully me.!”Fu Ying Snow guarded his chest,

“This is not bullied!This is called love.。”
“Pooh!Your big bad guy!”Fu Ying’s mouth,But it has already hurt yourself into the bedroom.。
“no,You have to wash your face!Otherwise don’t let you hold!”
the next day,Rui Rui came to the special high school to see Zhunexin, leaving the note.,Said to be a few days,After some days, I can come back.。
“Report!”Song Jian and Tang Rui shouted,
“Come in!”
“Class long!”
“Is it good??”
“Rest,Let’s come to ask if you want to monitor the headquarters of the agent.?”Song Jian asked,
“You don’t have to go.?”
“Class long,If we need us to go。”
“Now that they are all served as the empire,So you don’t have to go.。”
Qi Rui can’t wait until the two people have been staring at Ding Mun Village.,But now I can’t do this.,Because the length of the past will make these two people doubt their motives,And will also be discovered by Ding Mun Village。
“Great,Class long,Then there is any task??”
“You two followed by Jikang, the stock leader of Jikang.,Waiting for a while, you have good performance.,I will arrange some management work for you.。”
“Yes!Class long。”
“Um,You will use my Japanese name to you in the class.。”Ritual,
“Hayi!”Song Jian and Tang Rui dream want to become a Japanese.,Because it can get the respect,There is a Japanese name this is the first step.。
Rui Rui is doing this is to let them die for himself.,How to transform them in the future can only be discounted from long,It is also a step-by-step job.,This is also a plan,First transfer some of the concepts of justice,These will be carried out from the top of force.。
What is the concept of justice,That is the hand of the hand will never kill unarmed people.,Don’t kill old weak women,This can be seen from the name of the names of them.。
Song Jian’s Japanese name is ten parties,It is through the day of the day.,Because Qi Rui hopes that Song Jian will be like this person.,Self-considered is unhappy,But his heart has a strong desire for goodness.,He has a tendency to hurt civilians,It is even unable to sacrifice the life of life to achieve your own purpose.。
Huan Rui hopes that Song Jian can become a person like a party.,Anyway, it is a Japanese name.,Then I have a symbolic meaning and a name.。
Tang Rui’s mind is not better than Song,The name gives him is Yuxi Boyou.,Huan Rui hopes that he is like a daily hate war.,Even if you are in the dark, you can also recognize your own weight loss.。
If it is not a systemsLevel conversion their tasks,Cooperate, will not race your brain, give them two Japanese names.,Mainly want to make you always remember,They can become better,And it must become better。
“Bell bell……”
“Hello,I am a long pool!”
“Long pool,Tianzhong is still waiting for your results of Hazhengchu.,The agent headquarters is coming next to Bi Zhongliang.,Go hard.。”Wine Yi Yibei said,
“How is Li Shunqun now??”
“Have been rescued,Now Ding Mun Village is holding him.。”
“Alive,Remind them must be careful。”Rui Rui is a secret,This time, the whole is a white busy alive.,
“Ding Mun Village has spread out the news that he and Li Shun also lived.,He now wants to eliminate the combination of judges,He said that they will not destroy them will sleep.。”