Fortunately, no problem,Xiaoyao is a little faster,Timely rushing to save people,It should not be pregnant。

“Your Mightiness,What is my teacher Li Haihai has something to make you convey?,Please tell the truth.,Don’t tease me again。”Echo,Obviously anxious。
“After you become a living dead,Li Wei is looking for Yu Lingzhen to help you,She is very lucky,found it。”
Inexpress,Liao Wenjie continues:“I made a transaction with her.,Yu Lingren belongs to me,At this time, I am teasing.……On her body。”
Su Xinghe double-eyed,Comprehensively compare the combat power of both parties,Decided to start selling。
“Don’t talk nonsense,Otherwise you kill you。”
Liao Wenjie directly stopped Su Xing River,逍 子:“Transaction content is two people,One is you,One is her,There is an additional premise,You have a hundred years of Northern Dynasties。”
“His meaning,I do not understand。”
“I will understand it right away.。”
five minutes later。
Su Xinghe watched his eyes,Happy to send a lot of people,And the core is not old,It is not surprising that the older is still,Dripping blood replacement of flesh,He is really ahead。
“I took away the skills of Beiming.,If you have any dissatisfaction?,Go to Li Weihai,I and her deal,She feels stable and not paying。”
Liao Wenjie looked at the Azity who was sitting on the knee.,逍 百 百年 功 加,Litestative IQ arrears,There is also absolute strength to make up for,Said to be‘Bullet’Not too。
“The seniors laughed.,Centennial skill in the district,Replacement of life,I am grateful for the late generation.。”
Xiaoyao children cover the jacket of Su Xing River,Congratulations to the waist,Backward:“Also ask the seniors to inform,Where is my three sisters??”
“End of the earth。”
Liao Wenjie truthfully said:“Based on my trading of Wushang Cloud,I help her resurrect Li Weihai,Lingbi Palace owned to me,The three sisters moved to the end of the earth.。”
“Thank you for your predecessors.。”Xiaoyao is a worship。
“Nothing thank you,Each takes the needs.,But I want to remind you.……”
Liao Wenjie’s mouth,A look:“You want to see Li Weihai,Witch is certainly disagree,Now your skills are lost,Witch is also lost,But she will return to the peak after three months.,How to do your own skills。”
“Thank you for your predecessors.。”
I can’t help but disappear,Three months catch up with Wuxi Cloud Ninety Years,Even if he has a northern spirit,Can collect the length of the public,East, the queue is not fine enough.,There is no war。
Think of this,He is speechless to see Su Xing River,This disciple is good,Is not a schoolwood,Even if the poor version of Wi Witch is also difficult to play。
Su Xinghe face red low,Don’t help Master,He is deeply ashamed。
Besides,I would like to ask very early.,Why is Master not a net?,But it’s a three selection.?
Walk away from 遥 子 人 人,Liao Wenjie looks a mural in the stone room,All recorded,The study started the north god。
Northern a fish,His name,Stew in a pot,Strongest……
This is very deep,Happy North Ming Dynasty is only one of many understandings,Well-known,It can be used inspiration to triple return,Whether it is three thousand thousand things,Still everything,Have a great benefit。
Other murals,It is a martial arts that is created for decades of Xiaoyao sizes.,Incubation,It can be seen that its martial artists are extremely profound.。
Liao Wenjie recorded all of them,The situation is better than drawing a few tricks.,At this time,A Ziyou next to it,I can’t adapt to an increasing gas in the body.,Too much strength,A brain inserted into the ceiling。
Liao Wenjie:“……”