Deputy Director Wei nodded immediately,The whole person became more enthusiastic in an instant:“This way is good!such,Director Chen,Let me report to the leaders,Our dismantling plant is a key guarantee unit in the city,You can’t fool around on this land,Always find us a good location。”

Chen Xiaoshan is also welcome,Smiling way:“Then I will represent our factory700Many cadres and employees and our big boss thank you, Deputy Director Wei and the leadership of our construction committee。”
Deputy Director Wei smiled like a flower:“You’re welcome,Should be。”
First475chapter letter of introduction
What news spreads fastest in officialdom,Of course the political climate,But as of the 1980s,The house is probably second only to the political climate。
Any central ministries、city@Committee and Municipal Government Bureau、Enterprises and institutions directly under the central government or provinces and cities,As long as this unit is ready to build a house,Less than two hours,Everyone in the entire political circle of the capital, from top to bottom to the uncle janitor,All know——As for what to do after knowing it,This is too simple:See if there is a chance to make a fall。
If each unit is planning to build one or two family buildings, it will attract a lot of discussion from all units in the capital,Then the scrap car dismantling plant is going to build a new one that can accommodate at most1500News from the community of the family members,As a typhoon swept across the entire capital political circle,Everyone is confused,Countless people’s saliva flowed eight feet long:1500Householder,How many workers are there in the scrap car dismantling plant??of course,They did this by dividing the entire employee family community into three phases,But since it’s not needed yet……
Go to Chen Geng directly?Everyone is still wondering if it looks too ugly,But you can find Chen Xiaoshan,Less than half a day,Chen Xiaoshan, who felt that the threshold of his office was about to be trampled on, was already crying without tears:Why are there so many people……
This era,It’s really a big house,Not to exaggerate,A house is the guarantee that a family can live a happy life for several generations——Not a room of your own(As for my own house,Then don’t think about it),You can’t live a married life, no?
But these have nothing to do with Meng Haibo and Huang Wenqing who have just arrived in the capital.,Look at my old leader、Old superior,Meng Haibo’s lips trembled twice,My eyes turned red:“Old chief,You have to give us Chengfa,Continue like this,The heart of our Chengfa Factory is really over……”
The old leaders of Meng Haibo and Huang Wen、At the same time, it is also the superior department of their Chengfa Factory:Lu Xiangdongchang,Frowning now,He sighed:“Xiaomeng,Xiao Huang,I also know something about your Chengfa factory,You do have difficulties,But now the entire military system is difficult,The country wants to turn the bow,Some people have to sacrifice,In the war years, soldiers sacrificed,It’s a peaceful time,It’s our military workers’ turn,Not said,Our turn,We go……”
Huang Wenqing wiped away tears:“Old chief,We are soldiers,Sacrifice for the country,We have nothing to say about this,But the wife and children at home always have to eat?The country wants us to develop style,We have nothing to say,Since putting on this uniform, we have done it for the country、Dedicating all psychological preparations for the people,But the wife and children at home……”
Speaking of which,Huang Wenqing cried bitterly:“Old chief,Five months!Our Chengfa Factory has not issued a dime salary for five full months,It doesn’t matter how hard we are as soldiers,But my wife and kids always have to eat?”
Meng Haibo clenched his fists,He knelt down to Lu Xiangdong:“Old chief,Please,Please give us a way to survive in Chengfa Factory,Keep going,Wife and children are really starving to death。”