Lin’s group spirit is not very strong,Directly by this.
Chapter Two Hundred and Seventy:Soul collision,Extra large package!
“Qiang Qiang!”
Suzaku crowing up to the sky,Sparrow God Flame soars wildly,Towards the blood seal。
“Bloody battle!”
Blood seal drank coldly,Fist Shadow appeared in midair,Smashed the sparrow flames above,Attacked Suzaku fiercely。
Suzaku crying,Its power is tied to Fuming,Although it is a beast,But the power of Fuming is too weak。
Blood-sealed brows frowned slightly,Look at my fist,There is a little burn on it!
“Worthy of being a beast,Just the power of war spirits,Can actually hurt my body!”
On the fist.
Chapter 271
“Give me up!”
The flute makes a dull sound,Five-headed king-level profound beasts roar in the sky,There was an expression of pain on his expressionless face!
“Move me!”