He endured for so many years,Divorced now,No need to continue to bear it,The man he wants to kill,The first one is Wu Lusheng!

With deep hatred,Ye Boping nervously pressed the knife in the bag with his hand,Follow up step by step。
Wu Lusheng didn’t look back,But to find a suitable place,Tai Chi alone,This time,The young people have gone to work,The elderly also sent their grandchildren to school,There are really not many people in the park。
exactly,There are two rockery behind Wu Lusheng,Ye Boping slowly approached,Hide behind one of them,Observe the surroundings quietly,Waiting for no one to do it。
Although I hate Wu Lusheng very much,I just want to kill and hurry,But never killed anyone after all,Ye Boping’s muscles tightened unconsciously,Dense beads of perspiration keep coming out of the forehead and palm,My body trembles slightly。
Waited a long time,There are not many people in the park,But there are always people coming and going,Ye Boping dare not show up,opportunity finally arises,The surrounding suddenly became quiet,There is no half figure。
Ye Boping came out from behind the rockery,Touch the knife in the bag with one hand,Step by step towards Wu Lusheng。
Wu Lusheng turned his back to him, making serious gestures one by one,I didn’t even know the danger was coming,Ye Boping was breathing fast,He forced the tension inside,Getting closer……
“Sister Wu,You haven’t left yet?”Suddenly someone emerged from behind another rockery,Say hello to Wu Lusheng with a smile。
Wu Lusheng smiled,“immediately,I’m almost leaving。”
Ye Boping takes a big step back in fright,Almost called out,Because the energy is too concentrated,No other sound at all,The plan was disrupted,He turned to leave。
Wu Lusheng has a move,Body sideways,Saw him,“what?Ye Boping,What are you doing here?”
“mom。”Ye Boping put down his hand covering the bag,Yelled nervously。
“Sister Wu,This is your son?”The person who spoke just now looked at Ye Boping。
Wu Lusheng shook his head,Smiling,“Oh,Is not,Used to be my son-in-law,Divorced now。”
“Oh,Former son-in-law,it is good,I’ll go now,You guys chat,I have to go shopping。”
“it is good,see you tomorrow。”Wu Lusheng waved to the man。
Ye Boping stood still,After seeing the man go,No one around,this time,He is not clutching his bag,But put your hands in the bag,And quietly hold the handle。
Wu Lusheng thinks Ye Boping’s expression is a bit weird,Seems to be tight all over,So I looked at him seriously,“You are sweating,how,sick?”