Workplace rare decompression

Workplace “rare” decompression

Workplace pressure is everywhere, so all kinds of rare decompression methods are also emerging, some can let you relax, while others are doing damage.
Smart people in the workplace should be vigilant, don’t bring pain to others while decompressing.
  Healthy: Women learn yoga, men learn belly dance: twisting, shaking hips, waist-like snake-like flexible swing, is said to be the latest move for men’s decompression.
  Stimulating type: rock climbing, rushing, going to the suburbs to seek excitement, challenging the limits, metabolizing the stress hormones in the blood, and adding an anti-anxiety hormone that can calm you down, can make you more energetic.
  Use the decompression tool: carry a vent ball with you, pinch it when you are depressed, and force it to fall when the pressure is too high.
In recent years, there have been popular pillow fights, gas-defense centers, venting rooms, etc., where you can madly hate decompression.
  Big laughter: Under the guidance of a professional smile therapist, learn to release the pressure of “decompression laugh”, whether it is crazy laughter, or slightly toothy, as long as it is from the heart, you can release pressure in laughter.
  Crying: When the pressure is too great, it is not unreasonable to find a place where no one is crying.
It is said that the crying treatment method is very popular among the white-collar workers who are glamorous on the outside. At the weekends or at night, when they are quiet, they cry out loud and all the harmful substances that cause emotional stress in the body are eliminated.
  Pinching family: Two months ago, a group of such young people suddenly emerged in the city. They squeezed instant noodles or biscuits on the shelves while visiting the supermarket, or “deflated” the cola and pinched it.
They claim that this is greatly satisfied, effectively releasing the pressure of work.
However, it is a decompression to destroy public morality. Once it is violated by law, it will be punished. This is not a good way.
  Human Pirate Ship: This is a recent decompression game popular in Russia.
A group of men and women stood on a railway bridge high enough to tie the ropes. When the train slowly came over, they suddenly jumped and jumped off the railway bridge. They decompressed in the mad stimulation, but it was indeedFrightened the train drivers and passengers, and if they are not good, they will cause accidents or catch a life.