On the above five key messages,“Big boss behind”、“7000One hundred million U.S. dollars”、“Four major consortia in Southeast Asia”、“buy‘Diplomatic bond’”,These four pieces of information are all necessary and indispensable factors for the entire event,Alone“Transfer”This information is not necessary!

Who said that the big boss must transfer money to the four major consortiums in Southeast Asia??
If the big boss behind it had long expected that one day someone would track his identity information through transfer records,So in order not to expose himself,Deliberately not through transfer“Pay”What?
Like extreme,The big boss directly took it out7000US$100 million in cash was handed over to the four major consortia in Southeast Asia,Let them buy directly with cash“Diplomatic bond”,Can’t be avoided perfectly“Transfer”The problem??
Thought of here,Qiao Tianyu’s thinking suddenly became clear,It seems that this time Qiao Tianyu met a master again,It was expected that Qiao Tianyu would track information through transfer records as early as five or six years ago.,So early circumvention measures were taken。
But this also verified a previous judgment of Qiao Tianyu,No wonder the four major consortia in Southeast Asia are buying7000Billion dollar“Diplomatic bond”Disappeared afterwards,No follow-up。
At that time, Qiao Tianyu judged that there must be a huge conspiracy behind this incident.,And today’s Qiao Tianyu’s experience has further verified this judgment,It seems that the big boss behind that has been using it five or six years ago“Diplomatic bond”Coming to layout!
And now the distance“Diplomatic bond”The expiration date is less than one month away,Right here“Diplomatic bond”Is also related to the international offshore financial market。
This has to make people make such a judgment,The big boss behind that has been setting up the game for five or six years,It is very likely to come to this international offshore financial market!
Thought of here,Qiao Tianyu couldn’t help but let out a cold sweat,If the facts are as I guess,The big boss behind it is really terrible,It was possible to accurately calculate what happened today five or six years ago,What a powerful existence this must be!
But at this moment,Qiao Tianyu has a flash of inspiration,Discovered a new continent,“Eh?Not right!”
“‘Diplomatic bond’Qiao Tianyu heard from Wu Minghao this morning,Mr. Wu Wenjie instructed Qiao Tianyu to use it‘Diplomatic bond’Make an article。”
“Qiao Tianyu just judged that the big boss behind‘Diplomatic bond’Make a game,Is for today’s international offshore financial market。”
“Make a bold assumption,Is there such a possibility,The big boss behind the so-called four major consortia in Southeast Asia,It’s probably Mr. Wu Wenjie?”
“To know,The current crisis in the international offshore market is all caused by him, Mr. Wu Wenjie.。”
“And after successfully provoking this crisis,Mr. Wu Wenjie not only did not escape,Instead stayed in the British Virgin Islands as a live target,And also dragged Qiao Tianyu into this battle。”