“All right,Adjournment!Wang Shaoxiao,You come to my office。”Lu Menglin kept smiling。

The executives of Menglin Group had to leave in anguish,Most of them have the same idea as Zhu Xiaoguang,Although everyone trusts Lu Menglin,But the Ming Group is too strong,Don’t talk about Lu Menglin,Even those first-tier domestic giants don’t want to provoke them。
Everyone can’t think of it,What else can Lu Menglin do against the Ming Group?,Take down Sanlu Dairy。
Five minutes later,Wang Shaoxiao and Lu Menglin returned to the president’s office together。
Lu Menglin in front of Wang Shaoxiao,Dialed the phone。
“Hey!Brother Jiang Zhou,it’s me!Are you occupied?”Lu Menglin said。
When I heard Jiang Zhou’s name,Wang Shaoxiao didn’t even dare to breathe。
To know,The cynical Young Master Jiang who came to Liufang to investigate the case,Is now a member of the province,With the full support of the Jiang family,Jiang Zhou is already a leader among young officials。
Although there is still one step away from the real official,But after all, it has reached this level,And he is so young,It’s already a fast promotion。
If we can keep this momentum,There will be more than ten years of grinding gravel,Based on Jiang Family’s Background,Jiang Zhou may not have the opportunity to enter the center of the court,Become a man in charge of a country’s political affairs。
But before that,Officials like him,It’s more to clean up,Trembling,Walking on thin ice,Can’t make any mistakes,To have a chance to reach the end of this marathon。
Life like Brother Jiang,Although there is a chance
minister,But if it is Lu Menglin,But she’s absolutely not interested,Too boring。
I heard Lu Menglin call Jiang Zhou,Wang Shaoxiao’s mind suddenly became alive。
With Jiang Zhou’s power,And the Jiang behind him,Maybe you can really break your wrist with the Ming Group,And Lu Menglin and Jiang have always been close,Say something unreliable,Someday if Lao Lu becomes Jiang’s son-in-law,,Are all normal things。
Wang Shaoxiao is thinking about endlessly,And the dialogue between Lu Menglin and Jiang Zhou has come to an end。
“I understand。As long as Mingshi refuses to bow his head,Sanlu’s milk powder issue won’t be really resolved。”
“Lu Menglin,Don’t be muddled。I know you have power,I am not an ordinary person,But you have to remember,China is a big country,Yoyo thousand years,Quack,I don’t know how many capable people and strangers。Just the patron saint of Ming,Famous for decades,Known as the Undefeated God of War,As long as he is there,Who dares to provoke Ming?”