Shen Han’s sore scalp was numb and almost called out,But my heart is much easier,At least not so panic。I thought this old bastard should look like this,Who will show you so gentle?。

3 piano
third chapter
Huo Rongxuan tossed Shen Han very late the day before,I thought Shen Han would not get up the next day,Unexpectedly, he woke up the next morning and stretched his arm to the side,Touched。
When I got up and asked, I knew that Shen Han had already walked the dog,Huo Rongxuan was taken aback,Seems a little unexpected。
Huo has a lot of industry,Now the Huo family is all in charge of Huo Rongxuan,Naturally very busy on weekdays。Even newly married,I went back to the company after resting at home for two days,I haven’t seen anyone for a few days,He didn’t even make it back the day Old Man Huo came back。
Although Shen Han has a bad personality,Still behave in front of the elders,I screamed honestly when I saw someone:“Grandpa Huo。”
Elder Huo is already old,People are not confused,Personally drag Shen Han to come and take a closer look,Kindly say:“What grandpa Huo,Are all a family,Just call grandpa。”
After speaking, he touched Shen Han’s head,Say:“I even hugged you when you were young,Grew so big in a blink of an eye,The longer you look like your grandpa。”
Then asked:“Xi is not used to staying here?If Rongxuan bullied you,Just tell grandpa,Grandpa helps you teach him。”
Shen Han’s mother died a long time ago,In Shen’s family, he received almost no care and love from his elders.,Looking at the kind old man in front of him, his eyes suddenly became hot,He hung his head and answered in a low voice:“No,grandfather。”
Mr. Huo really likes Shen Han,In the past few days at Huo’s house, I called people around from time to time。Shen Han is also happy to be close to Grandpa Huo,And Huo Rongxuan is not at home recently,Shen Han is a rare and happy life for a few days。
Madam Huo once told Huo Rongxuan this as a joke,Huo Rongxuan still thought that Shen Han was not stupid,I know I find myself a backer in Huo’s family。It’s just that Mr. Huo is not at home all year round,I don’t know if his calculations are wrong。
The truth is so,Elder Huo only stayed at Huo’s house for a few days,So I have to fly back to Australia to recuperate。
Father Huo left on this day, Huo Rongxuan came back and took the people to the airport,Shen Han has been silently following Huo Rongxuan,He didn’t step forward and hugged the old man until he was about to get on the plane.,Say:“grandfather,take care of yourself。”
Huo Rongxuan was watching like a show,Shen Han never said a word on the way back,Huo Rongxuan saw that he was indeed depressed, as if he was really sad,Jokingly:“Let others look at you and think you are grandpa’s grandson。”
Shen Han raised his head and glared at him,Huo Rongxuan saw that Shen Han’s eye circles were a little red。
Huo Rongxuan reached out and rubbed the corner of his eye,The tone can’t help but soften,“Grandpa is going back to recuperate,I’ll be back in a while,Don’t need to be so reluctant。”
Huo Rongxuan’s kind words to comfort,Shen Han does not appreciate,He slapped his hand and turned to look out the window。
The way back from the airport is a bit far,Shen Han sat motionless,I fell asleep after a while。Huo Rongxuan watched him sleep a little bit,Just hug the person and let him lean on his shoulder。