After Luo Chen heard Li Yiyi’s account,Suddenly said,He thought that the sun would be such a powerful thing,It can only make living beings feel warm?

Isn’t that equivalent to a stove??Which is bigger than the stove,So that all creatures can feel warm,And that Haoyue,What poetry?Mostly it looks pretty。
Isn’t it equivalent to a beautiful jade pendant??Luo Chen felt disappointed at the moment,Fortunately, he thought that the rising sun and Haoyue mentioned by the master Jingtian were some amazing things。
Otherwise, why did Sedum and Monkey King first come to his world?,What the sun and the moon do not exist,I don’t know if my father can control this big formation?
Luo Chen felt,If the so-called Rising Sun and Haoyue are so simple,He can use his own power to make a rising sun and a bright moon float in the sky。
Li Yiyi, who was thinking about why his young master could know about the rising sun and Haoyue, heard the words of his young master,Somewhat embarrassingly looked at his own young master who suddenly realized。
She wanted to describe to her young master more clearly what the sun and the moon are,It’s a pity she doesn’t know how to describe it,Is she going to teach her young master what a star is??That would be too difficult for her。
Chapter Three Hundred and Eighty Seven Su Ning, Young Master of Vermilion City
Li Yiyi looked at his young master and the dead man named Luo Da,A touch of sadness flashed in my eyes,She never thought of it in her previous life,In her ordinary sight。
For the people of this world,But it seems to be something you can’t even imagine,Where is their future?Or,they,Is there a future??
Li Yiyi didn’t rashly ask his young master,How long can the big formation outside Qinglong City last?,The answer to this question will probably be a cruel truth。
This is the world where the weak eat the strong,Li Yiyi knows why the five holy cities can exist today,This is also something that all the people in Qinglong City know。